Old Drawer Desk, New Look




Introduction: Old Drawer Desk, New Look

A quick and easy way to recycle and refresh your wood furniture.

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Step 1: The Inital Piece of Furniture

I got a piece of furniture that is actually a really useful and nice piece. However, it was falling apart and its colour and wood was bent and brickling with age. So i though, i need to fix it with the little experience and knowledge i had.

Step 2: The Things I Needed

- filing paper
- paint brushes, not to large
- paint, i used acrylic paint and i chose gold and bronze colours
- varnish for over the acrylic paint
- wood staining varnish
- painters tape
- wood glue

Step 3: Preparation

First of all, i removed all the handles and key pieces.

I started off by filing down the entire cabinet. I got rid of splinters and bumps and uneven paint. Luckily the wood was painted and not staibed so it was easy getting rid if the dark or light spots.

I then took to the drawers and filed them into form again so they wouldnt get stuck on the way in or out.

Then i glued the back wall back on and anything loose as well. This is there the wood glue came to use.

Once that was all done i had a clean slate to start with.

Step 4: Getting Paint on the Wood

I painted the drawers on the top half and varnished them.
Then i placed the tape on the larger drawers. I chose a zig zag design to lighten the piece a bit.

Once those were all placed and measured i started painting with the acrylic paint.

Once that was in the drying phase i covered the iece of furniture in staining varnish to darked the wood a bit. I used three layers of the stain.

At that point the drawers had dried and i varnished over the acrylic paint.

Once that had dried i took off the tape and put three layers of the staining varnish on the strips where the tape was.

Step 5: Finishing Up

It took some time but the drying phase took the longest. The rest i tried to keep as simple as possible.

In the end i checked the piece for some little mistakes and corrected then with the staining varnish.

Other than that, you can use the varnish to darked the drawer insides.

It was a simple way of foxing something up.

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