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Introduction: Old Film Strip Upcycled Into a Film Gift Bow

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Greetings Instructable fans and fanatics!  Today's 'able will teach you how to use old film and crate a fantastic gift bow! 

The school where I work was cleaning house and some old projector film about the moon and planets were getting thrown out.  I snagged them out of the trash before getting dumped in a land fill and knew there had to be something fantastic I can do with them.

After much thought one of my ideas came to life as an upcycled gift bow.

I used this fantastic 'able: How to make a paper Gift Bow (Ribbon)!  To base my idea on.  I will walk you through how I created this fun bow great for any film loving co-worker, friend, family, and other loved ones!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

Stapler with staples

Materials you could use but are not imperative:

Clothing Pins

Step 2: Do You Have Enough Film?

The first thing you need to do is ensure you have enough film.  To little and it's hard to bend, to much well there really isn't a problem there. ;-)

You can adjust these measurements if you need to, just ensure you make the changes to all the strips.  To small and it does get very hard to bend the film.

You need:

Three Strips 20 inches long
Three Strips 17 Inches Long
Two    Strips 15 Inches Long
One    Strip      6 inches Long

Step 3: Fold in Half

Take your strips and fold them in half.  Make sure your crease is nice and strong you will need it as a guide.

After you have the strip folded you will need to start largest to smallest.

All strips will be folded the same except for the last strip (the 6 inch long piece)

Step 4: Figure Eight

Once you have the folded strip you will take the end of the strip and fold it on the side of the crease.  The illustration will show you where the end of the strip should fold to.  The first fold will lay on top of the strip, the second will lay on the bottom.  You will then staple them together.  What you will wind up with is a figure eight.  Do this to all the strips but the 6 Inch strip.

Step 5: Lots-o-Eights

Once you have all your eights made you can take your six inch strip and fold it into a circle and staple it in place.

Step 6: Building

Starting with the three largest figure eights you are going to lay them together.  You will lay the first two opposite of each other, so it looks flower like.  Staple them in place.  Lay the third in the opposite direction you placed the last and staple it on.  Continue to do this until you reach the 6 inch loop.  Once you get to the last piece use your E-6000 and put it on the loop bottom.  Glue it down into the center.  Set it aside to dry or use clothing pins to hold it in place.

If you have any trouble check out TCGames'How to make a paper Gift Bow (Ribbon)!  It really helped me learn how to make bows and have the confidence to do something similar with film.

Step 7: Well Done!

After your glue is dry you can adjust the film to look aesthetically pleasing. 

Ideas for use:

Package topper for a film or photography buff

Package topper to stand out and be unique

Use as a bow for a film related wreath

Use as a centerpiece for an Oscar Party

Buy a film studio or theater and use this as the gift bow for the keys

You name it you can use it!

What is great about this bow is it's using something that would have been thrown away.  It opens up conversation with younger children about what film is (yes many do not know).  You can talk about recycling and helping mother earth.  The ideas are endless!

Please show me any of your creations!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic idea! It'll make lovely gift bow for my photographer friends! *****


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Indeed! Let me know how it turns out and how they liked it!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. I will. his birthday is in the end of this months! I am sure he will be amazed! :-)