Old Floor Polisher Lamp

Introduction: Old Floor Polisher Lamp

About: Artista brasileiro interessado em gambiarras no geral!

This lamp was made with an Old Floor Polisher from 70`s.
There is not enough pictures from the step by step, but I will post this instructable anyway, to give you an idea of what can be done. Some pictures are old advertising.

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Step 1: Dismantle the Floor Polisher

Using a philips screwdriver, dismantle the Floor Polisher, taking care with the conections of the motor. The motor can be used to a lot of things.

(Mine will be used to a grind.)

Get the dome of floor polisher. That will be our lamp.
Measure the diameter of the socket.
Draw a circle with the diameter of socket into the dome.

Using Dremel, cut the circle and sand the hole.

Step 2: Make the Dome Look Pretty

Sand the interior of dome, cleaning dust and rust (the dome is supposed to be an old thing).

Remove the dust of sanding.

Paint the interior of dome with automotive paint. I painted of white, to better reflexion of light.

If you like, paint the exterior too. I painted of red color, because my floor polisher was beige color.

Step 3: Finising

Attach the socket at the dome, connect the wires to the socket.

Connect the lamp to your grid.

Put the lamp in the socket.

Turn on the light!

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