Old Graphics Card's Cooling (fan) Problem

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Hi.. This is my first post in this huge DIY world, I planned a lot about the posting but didn't finished the way I planned to post this project, well this is not a project even, its "How to repair old graphics card' cooling (fan) problem under $1)

Image: 1

Opened 8600GT Graphic Card

Image 2 -> Image 5

Tools Needed, a) One Spare Fan - I used 80mm Open Market Computer Fan @ 60INR ($1), b) Solder c) Brush d) Hot Glue Gun
e) Net (image4) that I fixed at my window to repeal mosquito, f) Screw Driver, and One Strip Blue LED (Optional)


Open Fan Side cover of Graphic Card, Then Open The Cover & remove the old fan then Brush it n make dust free

Image 7

The Old Fan

Image 8

Take a 80mm Case Fan, make sure the Fan only have two wire, where usually the Black one is negative and the other color is positive, If your fan doesn't come with Black wire then find the negative & positive wire. Now take hot glue / other hard adhesive like Dendrite or something like that and make a layer on the FAN and stick it to over the plastic cover of Heat Sink. Now wait Some time. Then if you want you can stick a dust free net over the FAN (Optional)
Find the "+" & "-" on the graphic card and solder FAN' wire onto it (See image 10)
Your Card is ready!


Before using this 80mm fan the card comes with a 30mm FAN which was generating 55*C on heavy load while,
after attaching 80mm FAN the temp decreased to 30*C on heavy load,

Regards : 4890HD



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