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This thing lying around for 5 years or so I have this playing and using it for 4 or 5 years without a proper cleaning and a total of 9 years ago owned this keyboard when my family buy a computer then yeah i think i might try to restore this keyboard and re use it. give this thing another life and more years to do its job, i miss the feeling of membrane keyboards.

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Step 1: The Keyboard

Step 2: Removing the Keyboard Keys and Cleaning.

Grab a screwdriver and dis assemble it. You can see how old this keyboard when you remove the key caps with a flat screw driver , not tried to clean it very well then. so this is the time to get it some cleaned and refurbishments. I washed it, i do not try to brush it, i dont want to clean up my house full of flying dirt.

see the wet dirt on the picture, that is the result of 9 years without proper cleaning.

Step 3: Drying It Out.

You can you some toilet paper or some dry wipes. but i recommend you to use some dry towel to dry it quickly.

Step 4: Time to Give This Thing Some Good Look!

I bought a white spray paint canister to our local hardware store. Yeah nothing fancy just a automotive grade lacquer paint or something. Nothing to do some sanding on plastic parts because the texture is rough enough to paint , just clean it , dry it and repaint it. This time is white, give some contrast color right there. outstanding feeling.

just 3 coats of paint between 20 mins or so.

Step 5: Re-assemble the Parts.

The cleaning and painting process is done. Its time to re assemble all the parts together.


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    2 years ago

    OUTSTANDING project! I wish my regulation b-l-a-c-k keyboard was a nice neutral, i.e. light tan, color. : ( That was very courageous of you to disassemble, clean, and brighten it up inside and out. Very good job! : )

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