Old Laptop Converted to New Media Center PC!

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Intro: Old Laptop Converted to New Media Center PC!

Hey everyone! :) this is my latest project and I really like it! I hope you enjoy. Converting an old laptop to a media center pc was much needed in my home. :)

Step 1: Disassemble Old Laptop!

The easiest part of the whole project is getting the laptop apart safely without destroying any cables etc.

Step 2: Test the Laptop/Prep for Case Assembly

Once its all taken apart the laptop should be tested to make sure its working the same way it was when it was in its original case. After everything is golden, you now wanna decide on how your case will be made and how many ports (VGA,HDMI,USB,AUX,PSU Input)) you will need to cut out and where.

Step 3: Design/Build a Case!

Here we go, now you've got your lap apart and working correctly, you need to decide on what your using to build the case and how your going to build it. I decided on Acrylic. make a rough structure of the case and put in the laptop parts and decide how they are going to be placed and where. and mark the holes needed to be cut on the acrylic.

Step 4: Making Sure Everything Fits Properly Before Mounting!!

This step seems obvious but always make sure everything fits how and where you want it before mounting!

Step 5: Paint the Case Before Mounting!

painting the case! I choose to do just black and a clear top.

Step 6: Mount Everything! Add Final Touches

I mounted just about everything with hot glue believe it or not and its really solid. here what the project looks like when its complete and working fantastic to stream my media directly from my TV without bringing over my desktop PC



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    2 years ago

    Most impressive!

    I've recycled headless laptops for over a decade now - web-driven WinAmp MP3 players, media centers, HANDBRAKE MOVIE GRINDERS!

    Great job!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Great idea. I've found several older laptops that people were throwing away on garbage day. Most even work! But the power supplies are usually missing. Bestbuy sells a universal one. Load them up with windows and kodi or, for the really old ones, ubuntu.
    Great instructible!

    1 reply