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This is the recipe that my wife's Mexican family has been making for many many years. Actually my mother-in-law is a pretty well known cook/caterer in El Paso,TX- Anthony, N.M. and I have seen lines, phone calls, random people showing up looking for her sauces, tamales, and masa.

What I call a hot sauce and my wife refers to as a salsa, is a incredible roasted Jalapeño / Lime style hot sauce. It is very diverse sauce because its simple with great ingredients. We use it on Chicken, Steak, Fish, our Taco nights.. I even mix a little into our burger meat (We put this $*!% on everything). I have a Filipino neighbor who thinks this is the best sauce he has ever dipped his fresh caught fried fish into. This is a sauce that when you make, make a lot, there will be requests for more. Be prepared to hear a lot of "Oh my gosh..."

* on a side not. Don't be afraid of the Jalapeños, with the cilantro, garlic and lime juice they blend well together and adds just a great amount of heat.. lets say medium-hot wing heat. Now adding the Habaneros (3) your moving to a hotter side.. like hot and just beyond. My mexican wife and her family refer to that as "the white boy hot". I hear that a lot when we visit and my mother-in-law cooks. I will notice some things being cooked separately sometimes, like i have a allergy or special nutritional needs.. lol.

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Step 1: List of Ingredients

So like a lot of great foods, it starts with simple fresh ingredients.

I will give you specifics on actually exact quantities but really at the end of the day please change towards your tastes. I will give you some guidelines so if your a newbie you will get a better idea of what your walking into (heat) wise.

List of Ingredients:

10-12 Jalapeños peppers

10-12 Cloves of Garlic (peeled)

1-3 Habanero peppers

1 Bushel of Cilantro

Salt- teaspoon

Pepper- 2 teaspoon

Olive oil- tablespoon

Step 2: Roasting the Jalapeño, Habanero and Garlic

Roasting the Jalapeño, Habanero and garlic

In Bowl: Combine Olive Oil and Jalapeño and toss to coat.

Transfer Jalapeños to Aluminum lined broil pan and roast under broil until dark

Same bowl toss Habanero and Garlic and roast. (I roast after jalapeño, same pan)

*More Detail on this process below:

What we want to do is roast the Jalapeño, Habanero and Garlic.

*Use a light amount of Olive oil and toss and use a tong to place Jalapeño onto the broil pan, do not Dump peppers and oil onto pan. The additional oil could catch fire, i have done it before. Not a bid deal, but you will find yourself looking in the oven saying "uh oh". I just slide the pan down to the lower rack in the oven and blow it out.

Take a Bowl and add your olive oil (the tablespoon) and put into a bowl and add your Jalapeños and toss to "lightly" coat the all Jalapeños and transfer to a foil lined pan (something that can get heat.. like a broiler pan). You could also use a cast iron skillet, but try to stay away from a cookie non-stick pan, it might damage it.

In your oven you want to put the rack up to the highest position and turn your oven to Broil. We want to roast the Jalapeños and get that great dark roasted look. They almost look burnt, but that is what we are going for.

When I roast mine, I tend to close the oven for a few minutes to really build up the heat and get the roasting going, but most ovens will shut off the broil if it gets to hot (when you broil your suppose to leave the door open, but I close it and check and rotate the jalapeños every 2 minutes or so, and opening the door will allow heat to escape and the broil function switches back on)

Once the Jalapeños are finishing up, roasted and dark on all sides (4-5 rotations) you then add the Garlic and Habaneros. They cook very quickly and can easily burn if not attended to. So same process as the Jalapeños, toss the Habaneros and Garlic in the left over oil and transfer to the same pan as used and roast. Check and flip every minute (about 5 in total)

Step 3: Peppers Meet the Food Processor

Prep and Process the peppers

- Remove / Cut off the very tops of the Jalapeños and Habaneros

Put in to food processor or chop up and add to bowl

Add garlic to Food processor or chop up and add to bowl

Add a pinch of salt and 5-6 turns of pepper (or a tablespoon or 2)

Cut off the bushel of cilantro. I usually cut just below the lowest leaves on the bundle. Rinse off / Wash and squeeze out any additional water.

Add cilantro or chop up and add to bowl.

Give the food processor a 5 second blast, scrape down sides and then an additional 3 sec. More or less depending on how you like it.

If using a bowl and not a food processor simply chop up all the ingredients and mix together.

Now transfer your mix to a container you can keep in the fridge.

Step 4: Top It Off and Finish


Take your container with the "pulp or mix" you just made and top off with fresh lime juice.

*Details below

Ok, so now your mix is in a container you will keep in the fridge. Yes as you can see we like to use the Chinese soup containers. Now we are going to add the limes.

I usually will add 7-9 limes worth of juice. You will see making this a few times how you use your sauce. I like more lime juice and just a small bit of the "pulp" where my wife spoons this stuff onto everything.

We used to use a mason jar with a lid from a parmesan cheese container (green one that one side opens for a spoon to go in and the other side has the 3 holes) it worked well but leaked at the threads so we just use this now.

**Best part of this hot sauce, when it starts getting low on lime juice you can simply squeeze more lime juice into it as needed.

Step 5: DONE

Your done.

Keep this in the fridge. Use it on all kinds of stuff. I love a good steak, never been a steak sauce guy, but this stuff is killer on a ribeye, vegetable and beans.

*Also the Jalapeños aren't terribly hot, but adjust heat with the habaneros. 3 is pushing it for me, where as my wife calls that the "white boy version". So add or remove as necessary. You could always roast them and add later to make a little hotter. And top off with lime if it gets low or you feel like you tend to go heavier on the lime juice part when using.

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11 Discussions

Stark IdeasAlexpuch

Reply 3 years ago

No onion in this recipe.. we put onion in everything else


3 years ago

Looks awesome. Where do you find these ingredients? I'd love to try it, but I've never seen whole garlic, cilantro or habanero peppers available locally. Can you get it somewhere online? Is there something that can be substituted?

5 replies
Stark IdeasMartyK1

Reply 3 years ago

Hi, I really don't live anywhere to special every grocery store I go to has in the vegetable section jalapeños big bushels of cilantro the garlic is just simply a big bowl of garlic that is been peeled already for a total of 10 of the cloves.. And the habanero peppers I prefer to use in the hot sauce but I have used other hot peppers like Serano or something like that you're looking for the heat of those peppers..

If I may ask what city do you live in? If you really have trouble finding those things maybe a farmers market might have it

MartyK1Stark Ideas

Reply 3 years ago

I live in Onslow County, NC. We now have 4 Walmart stores, and sometimes they have fresh jalapeños, but that is about the extent of anything exotic. There is only one farmer's market to my knowledge, but I don't think they grow peppers, cilantro or garlic around here. I can get minced garlic in a jar, but I'm sure roasting that might prove to be difficult.Is a bushel of cilantro a lot?

Stark IdeasMartyK1

Reply 3 years ago

Hmm maybe try just a regular grocery store or a super walmart in the vegetable area i would imagine that they have jalapeños also for the garlic you can just get the whole bulb.. they have it trust me. You probably don't want to try to roast minced garlic.. it would almost guaranteed to burn.. to small.. get a whole bulb and peel it. They usually also sell containers of peel garlic in the same area.. usually refrigerated vegetable are.. just ask someone.

Then just use any hot pepper for the heat..

The cilantro, when you go to the area where they have the "fresh herbs".. like the parsley, they will have cilantro.. it comes in a bushel .. like in my pic.. that is what you want.. just a "bundle"

* i actually just called the super walmart in just to make sure that i wasn't going to send you all over the place...

They said they had everything you would need..


MartyK1Stark Ideas

Reply 3 years ago

OK. Thanks. That's the only one I have not tried.

So, a "bundle", not a bushel... I was picturing an entire bushel basket full. :)

Stark IdeasMartyK1

Reply 3 years ago

Meant to say *whole garlic bulb just peeled


3 years ago

'll def gonna try this sauce..it looks good

Stark Ideasjavier aguirre

Reply 3 years ago

It is my friend.... literally make this all the time.. and you can just top off with more lime juice and its good to go...