Old Minecraft Barracks

Introduction: Old Minecraft Barracks

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Step 1: Flooring

On the floor i have used gravel for a nice effect

Step 2: Three More Layers

Ive added three layers of cobblestone and with two space windows

Step 3: Roof

For the roof i have used the same cobble as the walls

Step 4: Stairs

Ive added some stairs to make it look nice

Step 5: Top Top

I have just used some stairs to make the house look different

Step 6: Torches

I have put some torches out the front

Step 7: Doors

Fence gates as the doors

Step 8: Some Interior

Furnaces and chests have been put in

Step 9: TNT

Step 10: Beds

Some beds separated by iron bars

Step 11: Thanks

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    6 years ago

    Thanks try making a safe house