Old PSU Soldering Fume Extractor

Introduction: Old PSU Soldering Fume Extractor

Hello everyone,when I use my soldering iron,I always breath that smoggy air,so I decided to make a fume extractor using my old power supply which doesn't work.If you want to make something like this,you should ask your local computer service,because they throw away old PSU,and I'm sure they'll give one piece away.So,let's get start...

For this project you will need:

a Pair of scissors

15x15cm piece of sponge(filter)


and old,broken PSU

if you have bigger piece of sponge,you should use serrated knife for cutting it,i haven't had one,so I used razor knife to cut it,and a ruler for measuring

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Step 1: Taking Apart Your PSU

Be careful with this part of instruction,your PSU should stay unplugged(from AC socket) at least a day before you're making this fume extractor,because it has a couple capacitors which can hold electricity.You just need to unscrew those 4 screws at the edges of your PSU (this ones which are holding fan and fan grill,shouldn't be unscrewed)

Step 2: PCB

Try to not touch those capacitors at all,you can never know what will happen...
If you want to,you can unscrew those voltage regulators from their aluminum coolers which can be used for another projects in future.Also,you can cut PSU cables and use them too

Step 3: Cutting Sponge(filter)

You should use serrated blade for cutting sponge,but i havent' had one.

You need 15x15x8 piece

It will just perfectly fit inside without touching a fan

Step 4: Assembling and Power Supply

You can use 5/9/12v 500mAh power supply,I used 5.3V 500mAh PSU and it works fine.I squeezed PSU cable through airflow mesh(at the back of PSU).You can use connectors or you can just solder those 2 wires.Also I covered my ATX psu case with electrical tape,to get better look :) At the end,we just need to assemble ATX PSU case and our fume extractor is ready to use!

Step 5: In Action :)

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    Very handy for those of us who don't always have access to "well ventilated areas." Thanks for sharing!