Old Rc Car

About: I'm a teen who likes music, the outdoors and electronics.

Intro: Step 1

I wanted a cool doorknob so I did this. Find an old rc car and took the wheels off

Step 1: Step 2

Then I took the small wheels and drew a circle ( he size of the circle depends on the size of your doorknob ) and then cut the circle out do this to both wheels only do this to one side

Step 2: Step 3

Now simply put hot glue on the inside of the wheel and put it on your doorknob it should look like this

Step 3: The Tire Goblet

I still had two big wheels that I needed to use so I mad a tire goblet it is very esay

Step 4: Step 1

This is very easy,simply cut the inner part of the tire like before and glue them together and I also put the tire cap thingy on the bottom ( he he bottom) so it formed a handle thanks please leave a comment



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