Old Rolling Stand Up Cooler Into Rustic Cooler



Introduction: Old Rolling Stand Up Cooler Into Rustic Cooler

I found this old stand up cooler and wanted to make it look rustic.

Step 1:

I used two pallets and some pieces of another one I had left from another project.

Step 2:

I used the 2x4s from the inside of the pallets and I cut them the rest of the way along the narrow part. 4 of them were cut at 16.25 and 4 at 19.50.

Step 3:

All the slats for all 4 sides were 32.50 inches long.

Step 4:

This cooler had a drain plug and I just happened to find a board with a wierd knot that the hose fit in perfect.

Step 5:

It had no lid so I made one. I also added two hinges.

Step 6:

The finished product.

Step 7:

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