"Old School" Pimpin' Military Style Bicycle Handlebar Bag - Old Skateboard, Camera Bag and Bicycle Mash Up!




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Re-Used and Re-purposed!

  Here is a afternoon "re-use" project created using some items laying around the garage. Now you might not have these exactitems for this project, chances are you don't, but perhaps this will at least inspire your "cargo bag" creation with what you have laying around.

  So anyhow, we picked up this old beach cruiser a while back at a pawn shop and as of today it has become my official "Instructable Bicycle"...meaning I will mod & fix it using existing author's Instructables (with due credit given), or by creating my own mods & repairs and posting 'em up. My wife will be thankful since it will be her weekend ride to the beach. 

 The Beach Cruiser already came with an old wicker basket on the handlebars. My wife thought it was cute, but unfortunately is had sun-rot, was brittle and falling off...so this is where the first project begins.....

...and let me point out that I went by the "seat of my pants" so to speak, no set plans, just built it as I went, took some pics and hoped like heck it turned out nice. the idea was to totally reuse items laying around. Nothing fancy, just work with what ya' got type of thing.

Let's begin...

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Step 1:

The Usual Suspects:

* 1 Broken skateboard deck
* 1 Old canvas camera bag
* 1 Handlebar bracket assembly for a cargo basket (my bicycle had one already installed from previous owner, see pics)
* Various washers and wood screws

and of course...

* Power drill
* Jig saw
* Screwdriver

...don't forget to wear protective eyewear when using power tools!

Step 2: Putting the Bag, Brackets & Deck All Together...

 Well I couldn't just mount the brackets directly to the bag with screw or bolts because the bag would sag down and eventually the screws would pull through fabric. So I needed something with surface area for the brackets to attach and screws to mount.....

The thinnest piece of wood I had laying around was a broken skateboard deck. No worries, that will work!

 I measured the length for the inside wall of the bag and cut it to size....saved the ends for a later project. 

 Next place the bracket in the correct position (in this case "dead center" worked), marked the holes with a pencil....these were then drilled out...Skateboard decks are hard, it is advisable to pre-drill the holes.

The deck was was placed inside the camera bag and wood screws with washers were drilled into place from the outside to all four corners.

Next the brackets are lined up with the pre-drilled holes and the bolts/nuts were put in place to hold it tight and secure.

Let's Continue....

Step 3: Couple More Things and You're Finished!

Almost done....All done!
 Since I couldn't find shorter wood screws I was left with screws poking thru the inside. I simply cut 4 small squares of wood and twisted the down over the point. Problem solved.

That's it, you're finished!  

Yes the cargo bag looks huge in the photographs...but it actually fits well and isn't heavy, plus the extra pockets are nice. Good luck on yours and be sure to post up some pictures!

Have an awesome day!

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    13 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Corroplastic, the stuff estate agents use for "for Sale" signs would have enough ridgity to use to make bag stiff, would be considerably lighter than a skate board deck.
    Corroplastic in the top 10 of usefull stuff, in the same gang as zipp ties, velcro and duck tape.
    1980 bromok

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    The discarded colorplast signs the day after are the best part of any election! :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent idea, thanks!! :) I will scounge one up this week ands re-do this...I felt it was kinda' heavy too. I just grabbed what was within arms reach when making this and put not much thought to it....but heck yeh some corroplatic will do great.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ok i concede on the "Military Style"...but it is PIMPIn'! :) j/k
    I guess the canvas & pockets made the wife say military style and it stuck in my head when doing the title.

    Dr Qui

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice one, The camera bag really does look the part on the cruiser.

    I have a cruiser my self and have a modern bag mounted behind the seat and the modern design just kills the whole bike, if you take a look at my sissy bar ible you will see what I mean it just looks wrong.  I had planed to make a leather tool roll but your idea looks real nice and would be so much easier to do.

    The only thing i would do would be to try and mount it so it so it just above your front fender (mudguard) i love those bull horn handlebars its a shame to hide them, my cruiser has apehangers and the bag just killed the look of  them completely so I mounted the bag behind the seat.  you may find you will handle better with a full bag if its mounted lower down.

    I must ask, what kind of brakes are on your cruiser, i notice that you have no brake levers nor can i see any brake calipers or discs, is it just back pedal brakes on the back wheel only?

    I must keep my eye out in the charity shops now for a nicely well worn camera bag as that really does look so natural 


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Lorddrake....just another boring afternoon! lol