Old School Speaker Conversion




Introduction: Old School Speaker Conversion

About: 22 year old student games designer Skateboarder and biker

Tools you will need:
Wire cutters
Screwdriver Philips mainly
Soldering iron and fluxed solder
Speakers old and new

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Step 1: Picking the Speakers

For this I used an old pair of computer speakers that had been lying around for years, the speaker inside was perforated but it's the wiring we want from these

Step 2: Choosing the New Speakers

Instead of fixing my iPhone docking station where the red and black connectors on the back have been smashed I decided to utilise the headphone port on the front and revamp the existing speakers

Step 3: The Take Down

Taking apart the old speakers is fairly simple there are 2 screws normally found on bottom of each speaker.
Taking off the front is very easy as it is just wedged in.
Once the front cover is off you should see 2 more screws (remember this won't be the same for every speaker) .
Once this has has been striped down we are left with a multitude of wires, motherboard and transformer

Step 4: Rebuild

I basically reverse engineered this project memorising where all the wires went, some soldering involved but not a lot,
Inside the new speakers I have placed the transformer and extended the wires slightly to compensate for the location.

Shortened the speaker wire as the motherboard will be attached to this later

Step 5: Finished

Now the speakers are rebuilt, the motherboard has an on off switch and volume control.
I decided having the motherboard on the outside because I love seeing how it all works.

This is my first post on here I hope it was kind of helpful.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good. Got two old boombox speakers that would be awesome to convert.

    Nice Instructable.


    6 years ago

    Thanks :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing! This looks like a great use of old speakers.