Old Sci Fi Movie Posters Costume

About: Sci fi reader/watcher, mom, camper, fun ideas but low on maker skills...

We have an annual "bad sci fi" movie party, so I made this costume in honor of it! Lots of potential different applications for both adults and kids.

Step 1: Materials

*fabric for cape, tunic, whatever you want
*iron-on transfer printer paper (for dark fabric, if you use black fabric like I did)
*metallic fabric pens, if you want to also draw on the costume
*sewing skills (alas I do not have these, but you might!)

Step 2: Process

Pretty self-explanatory. Sew stuff as needed for costume. Find the images you want. Print them on the iron-on transfer paper. Iron them on costume (follow transfer instructions). Draw stuff if you like. Show off results at parties and comic-cons!



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