Old T-Shirt Headband/Rags (T-Shirt Hacks Contest)





Introduction: Old T-Shirt Headband/Rags (T-Shirt Hacks Contest)

A good way to recycle old T-shirts and save some green!

Step 1: Get an Old T-shirt

Im not sure what kind of market there is out there for selling rags, but Im sure there is one, and Im also pretty sure that this is a cheaper way to get yourself a set of them.

I usually use old undershirts that have gotten stained or that have acquired holes in them, but you could use any old shirt.

Step 2: Make Your Rags

Get a pair of scissors or a knife or just use your hands to tear rag sized sections from your shirt. Rag size depends on what you intend to do with it I would guess.

This next part is pretty obvious and simple, but I took pictures anyway just so there wouldn't be any questions.

Step 3: Keep Rippin'

Make sure you use all of the shirt so you don't waste anything.

Make more rips across the middle of the shirt, on the sleeves, and around the neck.

Step 4: Eureka! It's Rags Galore!

Look at all the beautiful rags.

Step 5: Now Use Them!

My mom likes to use them for dusting around the house. I've found that they work especially well while cleaning my guns, polishing my shoes, cleaning my snowboard, and pretty much cleaning just about anything else you could think of.

Step 6: Wait! I Almost Forgot!

The coolest thing you can get out of your recycled t-shirt is the collar. I use mine as a radical headband for when I'm doing things that are EXTREME!!!!

Although I didn't realize it at the time I made my Instructable, I've found new life in it's ability to be entered into the contest! I feel that this bangin' headband still fits under the "but the result should still be wearable" clause of the rules found here.



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    11 Discussions

    Haha, cool, I need to post some hacks. And gamer is right-- you can't wear it as a T-Shirt anymore, but it is still a hack.

    1 reply

    I am well aware that it cant be worn as a t-shirt anymore, but if you read the rules, it only says the results should be "wearable." No where is it stated that it must be wearable as a t-shirt. If you had read the last step of my Instructable and looked at my reply to gamer's comment you would have known that. I know that when creating this contest Instructables intended the results to be wearable as a t-shirt, but the contest rules were vague enough to cause confusion in more people than just me, as you can see from the number of other instructables that aren't "wearable as a shirt". Being the rebel that I am, I decided to exploit the contests lack of clear rules and regulations, and make my instructable anyway.

    I like to use old shirts in the same manner as this but in the garage to clean up oil, dirt, and other miscellaneous substances that lurk deep in your precious workspace. Nice I'ble.

    doesnt qualify as a t-shirt hack... you cant wear it anymore. nice try though, and nice instructable. -gamer

    6 replies

    Check out the last step again. The rules only state that the results "should still be wearable." No where does it state that the hack must be wearable as a T-shirt. This being said, I feel that my instructable, as well as Gunk on Floor"s Instructable should be accepted into the contest as valid entries. The bag is "wearable" on the back and the head band is "wearable" on the head. We'll just say that the rest of my Instructable is there so no one wastes the opportunity to make good rags after they make their head band.

    By Jove! That makes perfect sense and is a very valid point. It says nowhere that it still has to be wearable as a t-shirt. Great discovery BigCoCo! Now maybe we may rest a little knowing that our instructables aren't completely illegal in this contest.

    yea, there was a slight difference in the explanation on the "contest" page and on the "how to enter the contest" page. apparently i wasn't the only one who misunderstood

    Yeah, they should really have the detailed instructions where they're going to be seen first, like on the main contest page. I had already posted my instructable before I saw the detailed rules. But I'm gonna leave it where it is and see what kinda responses I get. Good luck with yours!

    I appreciate it. I cant vote for mine so I'm going to vote for you and hope one of our rogue Instructables wins!

    One of the most used, and most useful t-shirt haks there is! well done.