Old T-Shirt Reusable Grocery Bag W/ Fringe!




Introduction: Old T-Shirt Reusable Grocery Bag W/ Fringe!

These are the DIY instructions for creating your very own reusable grocery bag. The bag is complete with handles and a sassy fringe trim. If you use a t-shirt that already has a chest pocket, your bag can have a pocket, too! Keep in mind that this bag is washable, so it's great as a sweaty gym bag or an enviorment-friendly grocery bag. This is extremely easy, and only requires two things!

Materials needed:

  • 1 adult size t-shirt (medium size minimum - or else the bag is too small! I use size "large" or "x-large")
  • 1 pair of full size scissors
  • A pair of working hands on a human body
  • A nice, flat surface - like the ground or a kitchen table

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Step 1: Cutting the Neck and Sleeves

Cut out the neck seam about 1 inch from the seam itself. You'll have a collarless neckline after this. This is the bag opening.

Step 2: Trimming the Sleeves and Bottom Seam

Cut 1 inch out from the seam on the sleeves and discard the arm cuffs. Your t-shirt should now look like a 'muscle tank top'. Trim the very bottom seam off an inch out, also. Now, your shirt should have a clean, straight bottom with no thick seam.

Step 3: Cutting the Fringe Strips

Cut strips up the bottom waist of the shirt - this will create a dangly thread/fabric strip look, also known as fringe. Make sure the width of the strips are no more than 1 inch, and no longer than 5 inches. (The longer the strips, the less space you'll have in your bag - so listen to our measurements!)

Step 4: Pulling the Fringe Strips

Pull on the strips so they become slightly longer and skinnier. They should naturally curl up a little, and become noddle-like.

Step 5: Tying Your Fringe Knots

Match up the first front strip with the first back strip. You are going to tie this in a knot. Do the same with the second front and second back strips, etc. Continue going down the line of strips. This will close off and secure the bottom of your bag.

Step 6: Making the Two Handles

Cut the top seam of the shoulder straps in half. This way, you have four straps to work with: a left front and back and a right front and back.

Step 7: Tying Your Handles

Tie the front left and the front right in a knot. Then, tie the back left and the back right in a knot, too. This creates the 2 handles for your bag.

Step 8: Yay, a Finished Bag!

Now, you may leave your bag alone, or you can decorate it with sharpies, fabric marker, or tie-dye.

Note: if you're not a fan of the fringe, you may tie the fringe knots and then cut off the excess, leaving little fring knots with only 1 inch of strip hanging off. Turn your t-shirt back inside out, and you can't see the fringe!

If you're using a regualr cotton t-shirt, the bag is washable!

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I get a lot of promo shirts for the shows I work on and typically get stuck with an XL I can't wear. I'll have to give this project a shot to put those shirts to use!


    3 years ago

    So far I've made two and I just love them. I did find it easier to fold the shirt in half before doing the cutting around the neckline and cutting off the sleeves. What can I say...I like uniformity. I also did not cut the "handles" in half...just left them as they are. The hole is plenty big enough to put in it whatever you wish. An added bonus to using these "bags" is they hold a lot more than you would image because the material stretches. Yet another nice thing, load 'em up, tie the handles in a knot so you don't have your groceries roaming all over the inside of your car, and you STILL have lots of handle left for carrying. And for you lovers of yarn (knitters, crocheters) you will LOVE these for organizing your WIPs (works in progress). That's what I'm using my two for. You'll have to excuse me now...I'm off to raid my husband and son's t-shirt drawers! I'm sure they some they can spare!! Great idea, kyrabodnar!!!


    3 years ago

    Nice job! These bags are fabulous to have around!! :)