Old T-shirt Transformed to New Top!!

Introduction: Old T-shirt Transformed to New Top!!

About: I am a homemaker from India and always love creating something new and interesting!!

my daughter's had an old t-shirt in pretty much good condition but had some ink marks at some places. So I thought of transforming it into a new top instead of throwing it out!!

My daughter loved her new top I hope you will love it too!! Do try this project!

please vote!! :)

Step 1: Materials..!!

Old t-shirt

Net material 27 inches x 44 inches of same color of the t-shirt

Plain cloth of same color for piping.

Sewing machine


Zip of similar color

Measuring tape

Step 2: Cuttings!

Cut out the sleeves of the t-shirt from the shoulder around the seam.

Cut the shoulder from the seam.

Mark leaving 5 inches from shoulder on both arm holes, join both markings with a curve. Refer the diagram. And cut it out.

If the t-shirt is too long cut it out from the bottom, in here I kept it 18 inches long.

Now fold and stitch the bottom of the t-shirt and do the same with arm holes.

Step 3: Cutting Net!

Now take the net material, cut it in half width wise.

Now take 1 piece for front. Fold it in half length wise and cut the shoulders and the neck. Refer the diagram.

Now take the other piece for back and fold in half length wise and cut it along the fold. Now cut the neck and shoulders as per the diagram.

Cut out 14 inches x 6 inches for the collar. refer diagram.

Step 4: Arranging!

Now arrange the back and front keeping the t-shirt between the two and pin them up.

Now stitch the net back to back of the t-shirt at the pinned area in image.

Step 5:

Now stitch the zipper at the back as in image.

Now stitch the front and back at the shoulders and on the sides.

Step 6: Piping!

Cut a long strip of 1-1/2 inch wide on the bias for piping from a plain cloth of similar color.

Stitch this piping on the arm holes as shown.

Step 7: Collar!

Fold the collar cutting length wise (keeping right side in) and stitch it on both ends.

Turn the right side out and stitch the collar starting from the back of the neck at the zipper.

Step 8: Finishing!

Fold 1 inch at the bottom of the net material and hem stitch it.

Cut out the loose threads!!

And its done! Enjoy your new top!!

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