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In this Instructable, I recycled an old TSF Radio from the 50's into a fully functional stereo speaker!

I found this Clarville Favori 55 in a garage sell nearby a week ago. I decided to open it to learn a bit more about this kind of electronic piece.

Now, I have an old-style looking speaker for my flat!

Step 1: Materials

For the build, you'll need some stuff:

- an Old Radio (obviously);

- some speakers ( I used two 5W sqarish speaker from an old tv, and two additional 3W speaker)

- an amplifier (I used the cheap DX0809 60W amp)

- a power supply (12V in my case)

- an AUX cable

- some wires

You'll also need these tools:

- a power drill

- some screwdrivers and pliers

- a hot-glue gun

- a soldering iron

Step 2: 1. Clean Up the Enclosure

First of, we need to take all the unnecessary components.

To do so, use everything you can think of. I used screwdrivers to remove all visible screws.

After that, I removed the lamps, cut the resistors.

Try to salvage as much stuff as you can. It might be helpful down the road.

For example, I salvaged the old golden dials.

I also removed the heavy and damaged speaker.

In the end, you should have and emplty but good looking wooden box.

Step 3: 2. Modify the Amplifier

To suit your needs, you 'll have to maybe make some changes to your amplifier.

I had one DX0809 laying around. It had 2 microphones jacks; a mic volume, treble and bass potentiometer.

I removed all of those components. I also desoldered the main volume potentiometer, to move it later on.

I also changed the sense of the Speaker entries, to suit the spot I put the amp in the next step.

Step 4: 3. Install the New Components

Now comes the time to assemble all components. I fixed the amp on the side of the box, with hot glue and small wood pieces.

I used the old dial and a potentiometer I salvaged earlier in the front. I just extended with wires, to the main board.

I also attached the two 5W speaker to the front of the box. I had two small 3W speaker to the bottom of the box, under the old metal electronics compartment.

After that, you can hook up the wires: positive and negative wires to each sockets, and in this case, the potentiometer.

Step 5: 4. Make the Back Panel

To make I used some thin plywood. I cut it to size and marked where I'll had to make the holes for the AUX cable and the power jack.

To do so, I used a jigsaw and a power drill.

Step 6: Conclusion

Okay, now, you should have a brand new, fully functional, vintage speaker!

Mine is quite loud and , as my opinion, looks good.

You can also had a bluetooth to 3.5 jack adapter and battery, to make it wireless.

Don't hesitate if you have any questions!



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    2 years ago

    such a nice radio

    and you killed it for the case
    DAMM YOU DAM YOU ALL THE HECK (planet of the apes)


    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for this idea, my parents have an old radio like that collecting dust in their shed.

    1 reply