Old Watch Hair Band.



My mum gave me a really pretty watch that I loved but it was impractical because it ran out of battery, I started to think what I could do with it and I found that none of my hair bands looked quirky or different and that gave me the idea behind this instructable. This is my first instructable so I would love it if you gave honest feedback on how I went. As long as it is constructive feedback e.g. "Lighting could be better" or positive "Great job!" I'm open but try not to put irrelevant comments e.g. "how have you been today?" or vague "this is a bad instructable (no reason why)"

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Step 1: Recipe for Success

You will need:

- a watch

- Elastic cord


- knot tying book (just in case my photos are "that bad")

- scissors (depending on how big your adjustment holes on the watch are compared to the diameter of the elastic cord)

- as much basic scout knot knowledge you can find in your brain

Step 2: How to Tie a Bowline Pt.1

If you have the basic scout knot knowledge which allows you to tie a bowline, skip this step, same if you have a knot tying book with easy to follow instructions on how to tie a bowline. If you are not as fortunate Here is how you tie a bowline.

First, draw a 6 with your elastic and make sure the tail (short end coming off the middle of the 6) is hanging down make sure you draw it right with the tail on top, not the long end.

Next, thread the tail under the buckle on the watch. pull the tail up through the middle of the 6.

Loop the tail around the long end on the side which the loop of the 6 is on. Don't get it? look at the picture.

Finally, push it through the loop in the middle of the 6 (yes the same one you pushed the cord out of) and pull tight. repeat on the other side (you might want to make the adjustment hole a bit bigger with scissors) and you should have something like the last picture.

Step 3: Putting It On

the easiest way to put it on I found was to hang it around your neck then push it up flush against your face and onto your head.

There you have it. a stylish quirky hair band that keeps your hair out of your face.

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    1 year ago

    I could see this used in a steampunk costume :)

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    I agree, though I would open the back of the watch so you can see the cogs and use the back instead of the front.