Old Water Bottle Hanging Garden

About: Roman Aspeek Bloor

This is a hanging garden made from old plastic water bottles.

You will need.

1. Old plastic bottles

2. Fishing wire

3. Soil

4. Seeds

Step 1: Gathering the Water Bottles

Collect some old water bottles or any plastic bottle. You will need about 5, you could use more or less depending on what you want.

Step 2: Cutting the Bottoms Off the Water Bottles

You will need to cut the bottoms off of the water bottles. This is so when you water it the water can fall from one bottle to another. Cut each bottle with sizors or a knife depending on you proofed tool. Don't cut the bottle to far up because this is only to let the water in from another bottle.

Step 3: Cutting the Plant Holes

Use a craft knife to cut out windows along the side of the bottle. You can fully cut the window out or leave a flaps. The difference is if you leave a flaps it will help the plant out and help keep the soil from covering up the hole but will deflect the water away from the seed. If you remove the flaps the plant may get stuck or get covered be it will get water easyer. I suggest keeping the flaps.

Step 4: Burning the Holes

To hang one from the other you need to burn holes in the bottom of the bottle. the reason you need to burn the holes is that the burnt plastic makes the outside of the hole stronger meaning it will not split as easily like if you where to cut a hole with a knife. to burn the holes use a metal wire or anything thing small and round. heat up the end with a lighter or any fire for about 10 seconds then poke it straight though the plastic keeping the hole as small as possible. you will need 4 holes one every 90 degrees.

Step 5: Detaching the Ring or Burning More Holes

In this step there is an option for some depending on if your bottles have the plastic rings under the cap. If you have a ring under the cap you can use this to attach the bottle that will go underneath to. If you decide to do it this way use your fingers and nails or a flathead screwdriver to pry it off. If you don't have the ring or don't want to attach the next bottle this way because it is a bit confusing you will need to burn 8 holes 2 every 90 degrees.

Step 6: Attaching the Bottles Together

To attach the bottles together you will need fishing wire because it is camouflage and strong. To attach each bottle to each other you will need one long bit of fishing wire and wind it from one bottle to the other one in a spiral. i have drawn on one of the pictures to help.



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