Old Well Fire Pit




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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Bricks, stone, river rock
U post for support
Chicken or cloth weave wire
Concrete mortar mix

Step 2: Ground Work

1.Use something circular to make your outline.
2. Place 4-6 u-posts in the ground.
3. Connect the wire frame to the post. Be sure set the post so that they can be removed from the center as you get higher.
4. Place sand down and around within your circle.

Step 3: Foundation Layers

1. Lay down bricks or flatter stones on sand layer.
2. Use smaller stones with mortar concrete mix to fill in gaps.
3. Add layer of mc mix (mortar concrete mix) on primary layer.
4. Add more stones, fill in gaps
5. Add more layers repeatedly
6. Take out the post when it is stable enough

Step 4: Upper Layers

1. Continue to add more layers but leave a couple gaps areas to allow for airflow to enter into the pit.
2. You can choose to build a fire in the pit if high enough. It was getting colder outside so I used the fire to help cure the mc mix and to keep warm.

Step 5: Top Layer

When you reach the top, flatten or round out the top layers with mc mix.



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    2 Discussions

    Mugsy Knuckles

    2 years ago

    How is this holding up? Is it cracking or otherwise coming apart? I would think that the different expansion rate of the bricks and the concrete would cause problems over time.