Old Belt Guitar Strap





Introduction: Old Belt Guitar Strap

Tired of having to buy cheap straps that just rip apart? Or having to deal with the strap slipping off of the strap buttons? No need to buy $20 dollar strap locks for your guitar. Here is a simple way to make a strap out of a belt and to keep the strap from falling off.

Before I start this I would like to apologize beforehand for the bad pictures (camera phone) and this is also my first instructable. So please enjoy!

Step 1: Items You Will Need:

You will need the following items:
2 Eye Screws - $2 - $3
2 Quick Links - $.50 - $1.00
an old belt
a guitar

Step 2: The Belt

With your belt, find or cut the appropriate size to your liking.
Next, use a screw driver (if you have a non-leather belt) to poke a hole through the belt at both ends
If you have a leather belt, use the scissors to stab a hole into the belt, and then work your way through with a screw driver.

Step 3: Quick Links and Eye Screws

Now we move on to the quick links.

Take the quick links and string them through the belt on each end. I bought a random size, any will work as long as they can fit into both the belt and the guitar. After we do that, we screw the eye screws into the strap button holes. I bough a size bigger for the eye screws so it has a better grasp in the guitar.

Step 4: Attach

Finally, we can attach the belt to the guitar. Place the quick links through the eyes of the screws. Screw the slider up on the quick links to secure the eye screws.

Now you have a cheap and efficient guitar strap.



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    19 Discussions

    should i be worried sbout screwing the eye scrwes so deep that it'll damage the guitar?

    4 replies

    I've used eye-screws on solid body guitars and basses, had no problems whatsoever. The eye-screws I've used were medium length; therefore I've had to drill a starter hole into the guitar body deep about 2/3rds the length of the eye-screw thread... the starter hole was slightly narrower than the eye-screw thread, that way the eye-screw can be firmly secured into the body without splitting the wood or chipping the finish. I've always had black guitars, so after drilling the starter holes I would darken the interiors of the holes with black ink or a black Sharpie marker to hide the wood interior from plain sight. Then I would attach the eye-screw with a steel washer as a "stop" to prevent the round base of the eye-screw from damaging the guitar body around it.

    Then onto my straps: I've used steel D-rings with dog leash latches to lock the strap onto my guitars. I never once had a bass or guitar fall away from me, even when jumping around on stage and at rehearsals.

    However, the down-side to using steel latches is the constant steel on steel clicky (or friction) noise between the latch and the eye-screw... this noise was picked up through the vibration of the guitar body, and it was heard on a recording track. It was also heard through the PA during a live show. So I was forced to either coat the latch and the eye-screw with heavy coats of Plasti-Dip (thin coats at a time to build up the thickness of the Plasti-Dip)... OR... switch to the use of plastic latches; either way I had to dampen the sound of the latches and eye-screws, somehow.

    Last-but-not-least, and most importantly, I wanna thank bleachedaneurysm for this awesome ible! I've resumed playing music again, and recently bought a guitar and a bass; so I will resume the eye-screw strap-lock method. It's the best strap-lock method ever! Thank you!!! :-D

    yes. if you screw them in too far and put too much pressure into the guitar, you may crack the finish and/or the body itself

    DAMN, so its pretty risky business eh? i'd suppose you could compare the screws, to make sure that its not to long or short, but i wouldnt do this with my most prized of guitars either way.

    I like the ibanez

    BAAAAA!!!! I was gonna do this for a while, just did not have the time. O well, favorited. nice instructable. =)

    1 reply

    ahan yeah i searched for it i liked this version of it alot the newer model is not that good i didnt like it... i searched on ebay but couldnt find this model ....

    Is that a teisco or harmony? or other? i just got my 1st gtar, 70s korean harmony marquis, looks like yours but tobacco sunburst and 1 pickup w black pick guard; body style similar though.

    5 replies

    are u asking me? or the ible writer?? ive got a harmony marquis H801 like i just said, but i dont what this one in the ible is either. i just got this friday:


    ahan nice guitar u have, :)... iwas asking him bcause i m thinking of making a guitar my self so i liked his guitar so i wanted to know which guitar it is so that i can then try to find a blueprint or something likethat....

    it's an ibanez jet king... that lucky bastard! they discontinued it, as far as i know, and put out the jet king 2. (which is nowhere near as classy looking) oh, well... there's always ebay, right?

    yes but i had a crappy ibanez laying around and saw a picture of zakk wydle and his chain strap, it does the same damage as locking strap buttons. you can always buy smaller eye screws that will match with your strap buttons.

    hey i want to know that what model ur guitar is and wat brand ?