Old Bench Turned Into a Flowerbench



Old bench turned into a flowerbench

Step 1: This Is an Old Bench

This is an old bench which goes into a floral bench

Step 2: Remove the Cover of the Bench

Remove the cover of the bench

Step 3: Remove the Bottom of the Bench

Remove the bottom of the bench

Step 4: I Used the Stapler to Attach the Chicken Wire to the Bottom

I used the stapler to attach the chicken wire to the bottom

Step 5: I Used the Stapler to Attach the Coconut Fiber Into the Bottom

I used the stapler to attach the coconut fiber into the bottom

Step 6: Then I Have Filled the Flowerbench With Compost

Then I have filled the flowerbench with compost

Step 7: Then I Have the Flowers Bench Filled With Flowers and Moss

Then I have the flowers bench filled with flowers and moss

Step 8: And Here Is the Final Result

I am very pleased with it

Step 9: Today the Road Pole Cleaned and Some Wood Chips Added

Today i have cleaned the road pole and added some wood chips  ( This morning when I was busy to add the last wood chips) a car stopt  stopped and the person in the car gave me the thumbs up !  That is just great ;)

Step 10: The Lantern in the Garden Had Orange LEDs in It

The lantern in the garden had orange LEDs in it which I replaced with 2 blue LEDs



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