Old Books to New Trees

Introduction: Old Books to New Trees

Make a Brand new tree of paper

This instructable is designed to help you turn old books into new trees.

1) Book
2) Tape
3) Card
4) Your hands

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Step 1: Step 1 to Happiness

Now we get started

Get your book and start folding.
Fold each page toward the centre until you have a diagonal leading from the top inside part of the page outwards and downwards
Continue folding until all pages have been completed.
These pictures will show you:

Step 2: Step 2 to Christmas Trees

Now, after finishing your folds, stand the book up as though you are displaying it.

Tape the back pages of the book together to form a full circle.

Step 3: Finished!

Stand your brand new Christmas tree up somewhere!

Turn to the next page of extras!

Step 4:

Another idea if you really don't like the book is to paint it.
I haven't done this but it could look nice!

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