Recycled Old Lantern Show Piece



Step 1: Raw Materials

- Old Lantern + Chain
-  LED Bulb 3W : In this project multi color LED bulb has been used
- Bulb holder
- Wire for connection
- Small show piece : Use whatever you like
- Piece of Sponge

Step 2: Wiring to Fix Bulb

Step 3: Stick Artifact on the Sponge

Take piece of sponge slightly bigger than the base of the lantern so that it can be squeezed into the lantern and this way it will  hold your artifact tightly  inside it.

Step 4: Ready for Show!

Finally hang it or place it as per your room decor & power supply.
Hope this simple project would tickle your creative grey cells and you will create something amazing out of unused, old, crap stuffs
Please do share your thoughts, suggestions, ideas.




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