Old Looking Map Made With Coffee




Introduction: Old Looking Map Made With Coffee

Do you have a creative soul in you? Well since you are browsing instructables you probably do. And you probably drink lots of  coffee well dont throw away the remains  heres an idea of what to do with it! Old looking maps!!! Dont despair if you cant draw well, it's OLD noone will judge you if you make England as big as spain! I drew Europe since i've prolly drawn it 20 times for school projects. Pick one you are comfy with and lets get started.
Thats what the end product should look like. You can add more details if you are up to it...

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Step 1: You'll Need

1. drawning pad
2. pencils, eraser
3. water colour (blue)
4. small thin brush
5.big brush (i use the one you paint walls with)
7. 300 ml of water
8. 3 tea spoons of unused coffee or 6 if its already used
9. a rag (it gets messy)

Step 2: The Process

Draw the map as best as you can. Dont worry if its not accurate it's supposed to be old. After you are sutisfied with the result thicken the lines and add details such as names etc. Now use your blue water colour make it very watery and paint the sea. Use the rag immediately to absorb the water dont worry the colour with still remain. After you've done that dissolve the coffee into the water and stir it till its all watery (dont worry if there are some tiny pieces remaining it gives the map that extra edge of old and misused ) and pass the mixture using the big brush  over the paper with even horizontal strokes! I SAID EVEN HORIZONTAL ONES! Use the rag once again to absorb the extra water, the result should look smt like the picture.

Step 3: Last Step

Burn the edges of the paper after its dry with a lighter, you better do it outside and if you are underage let an adult handle this part. After you're done roll the paper so it will end up looking like a parchment and you are done enjoy...This should be fun for a treasure hunt map too maybe ill try that next time....And if you still think you cant draw a map write your favourite poem or song with caligraphy letter and use the same method i made a poster out of my favourite song. Also you migth wanna pass it over with lacquer spray so it lasts longer and flies dont attach them selves onto your art. Oh and hey i suck at photography :D

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks :) if you try it be sure to upload a pic i love to see how other ones turns out!