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Introduction: Old to New Jewelry

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I had this old necklace laying around with wooden beads and flower beads with the paint worn off. When I wrapped the necklace around my wrist, it actually wrapped around three times. Since I had some memory wire laying around, I wanted to try and make a bracelet of it. When that was finished, I still had two flower beads left, so I turned one of them into a ring. I hope you like it!

Step 1: What Do You Need

To turn an old necklace into two new pieces of jewelry, you will need the following:

- an old necklace (yes, REALLY)
- memory wire
- wire
- pliers
- scissors
- round object matching your ring size
- head pins

Step 2: Preparing the Memory Wire

Since the necklace wrapped around my wrist three times, including the flower beads, I cut the memory wire off at 2.5 rounds.

After having measured, bend a circle at one of the ends of the memory wire using your round nose pliers. After that, put it straight on the memory wire using flat pliers. The memory wire can be quite hard to bend, since it's actually meant to stay in a circle.

Step 3: Adding Some Beads

Take your scissors and cut the necklace. If the beads are on an elastic thread, be careful, the beads could kind of fly away.

Having already made that circle in the last step, you can start adding your beads to the memory wire. When you have filled it completely, bend another circle, this time to end the memory wire.

Step 4: Charms

Of the five flower beads, I'm using three as charms.

Take three headpins and bend the end in a loop, so it becomes a pendant. By opening these loops you can add the charms to the bracelet.

Step 5: The Ring

Take a piece of the wire. Put the flower bead on it and place it in the middle of the wire.

Place the flower on the round object and start wrapping the wire around it as shown. When both of the wires are back up, work them away by letting them go underneath the flower bead, to the other side, and coiling the end away on the other side. Cut the ends of and your ring is finished.

Step 6: Done!

And then you made two brand new pieces of jewelry out of an old necklace! I'm really happy with how these turned out, since this gives you a chance to still wear the old jewelry you love. I hope you liked it and found this instructable useful. If you have old jewelry laying around you don't wear anymore, this might just be the moment to be able to wear it again, with just a different look.

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