Old Towel to a Moustache Floor Mat

Introduction: Old Towel to a Moustache Floor Mat

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During one of my random instagram stalking session, i stumbled upon a picture of a really cool floor mat in the shape of a moustache. I instantly decided i'm going to make one for myself. Using a towel was my first thought, so i stayed with that. Searched the house for an old black towel but didn't find any, so i asked my mom if i could use one of the darker shaded towels she had. Well, as expected, she warned me of dire consequences if i cut any of her new towels :P Thus i ended up using a old red towel and came up with this funny looking floor mat :)

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Step 1: Things I Used -

  1. A towel
  2. A jute sack
  3. Old book covers
  4. Sewing machine
  5. Chalk
  6. A pair of scissors
  7. pencil
  8. stapler

Step 2: Making the Template -

  1. I used the outer covers of 3 old books and fixed them together by stapling them as seen in the picture.
  2. Using a googled picture of a moustache as reference i roughly drew a moustache.
  3. What you have to keep in mind while sketching the moustache is- the fat 2 parts of the moustache should be bigger than your feet.
  4. Once i was satisfied with the proportions of the sketch, i cut it out.
  5. Turns out , the book covers were quite colourful. It was a surprise seeing the other side of it.
  6. So the template's done.

Step 3: The Cover -

  1. I placed the template on the towel and marked out the outline using a chalk.
  2. Next step is to cut out the piece but remember keep extra spacing around the outline and cut.
  3. TIP - the more the spacing around, the better. It can be trimmed later, according to the need.

Step 4: The Base -

  1. Same procedure as done on the towel, place the template on the jute sack, outline it with a chalk and cut.
  2. This time on the outline without the extra spacing.

Suggestion -

  • If i would do this project again, i would use a rubber base, that is cut out the base from rubber sheets like car floor mats, etc.
  • This would make the mat sturdier and hold shape better.

Step 5: The Finale -

  1. As you can expect, i placed the jute cutout on top of the towel cutout and started folding the towel along the jute sacks cutout.
  2. I made flap like cuts a sharp curves to fold better.
  3. Once in place, stitched them together neatly using the sewing machine.

Step 6: Last Step -

  • The last step left to do is- turn it over and put it down on the floor.
  • ADMIRE IT :)

Hope you guys liked it, thank you :)

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