Old Tv to New Tv

Introduction: Old Tv to New Tv

an old TV transformed

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Step 1: Materials

The first thing you need us an old TV with a spot for VHF connectors. And a f connector to a VHF connector. And a TV to wall connector cable.

Step 2: My TV's Parts

To show the age of the TV.

Step 3: Connection Time

First connect the TV cable to the f connector port. Second connect the VHF connectors to the TV. Then we want to connect the TV cable to the box. And connect the box to the antenna. Also for reference VHF stands for very high frequency.

Step 4: TV Time

All you should need to do is find the Chanel your TV needs to be set to and go. For me the Chanel is 3.

Also as I ask if you would like to see anything make please let me know. And if you have any questions please ask me.

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