Olimypic Medal

Introduction: Olimypic Medal

It`s my moms birthday in a week so instead of going out and buying a cheesy gift, I made one! (And it came right from the heart! <3)
It`s a really easy gift to make and all the things that you need are house-hold items, Enjoy!
1 jar lid
1 permanent marker (to write the message on the front, step 3)
yellow or gold water colour paint
1 neckalice/strap to hang the medal on

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Step 1: Step One :)

the first thing that you need is the top to a jar (like a jam jar) Then you take a small square of tin foil and cover up the lid in that, make sure the top of the jar is the smooth side, fold it in on the inside of the lid. ( so pretty much just follow the pictures :)

Step 2: Step Two

put very VERY little water in the paint so its very dry, but still usable and paint the whole top of the tin foiled coverd lid (the smooth side/front) so it looks like a gold medal (unless you want to give them a silver medal, for second place, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!) Then, put it out side to dry for about 10 mins. When its completly dry, paint the sides.

Step 3: Finishing Touch!

now, since all the paint on it is dry, take the strap/ medal holder thing and hot glue gun it on to the back of the medal. (or use you own method) and again, wait for it to dry. Now FINALLY write your message on the front of the medal Ex: #1 Dad! and your done!

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    7 years ago on Step 3

    please ask in the comments if you have any quistions, Im happy to answer them!