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I wanted a quick and simple project to try out my brand new Evolution Mitre Saw. I decided to make a stand for my iPhone because it could be done almost solely on the mitre saw with only a couple of other tools to finnish it off. I made more than one because it didnt take much more time to do it.

I do have a step by step but I also have a short 4 minute video showing how I made it:


Tools I Used:

Evolution Mitre Saw - For almost all of the cuts

Multi Tool - To make quick work of cutting sown the corner section (a hand saw would work fine it would just take longer)

Randon Orbital Sander - To sand lol again hand sanding would just take longer

Files - To round over the edges (I thought a router would be too much I only wanted to nock the edges off)

Materials Used:

Olive Wood - Rough dimensions 145mm x 145mm x 55mm

Spray Adhesive - To attach the felt to the bottom

Felt Baize - For the bottom to stop its scratching work surfaces and to look more profesional.

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Step 1: Set Up the Mitre Saw

I started by setting up the mitre saw.

I set the angle of the saw to 45 degrees and the bevel of the blade to 35 degrees.

I set the depth of cut by eye too. It roughly set the depth stop do it stops about 10mm from the bottom of the wood.

I then set up a stop block by eye. I brought the work piece forward with a thin block and used a larger block to but the olive wood up against.

I can now easily make repeadet cuts and batch out the stand if I wanted to. I made 4 this time.

Step 2: Cut the Groove to Acept the IPhone

I then cut groves in all 4 corners. I kept moving over the stop block the widen the groove until my iPhone would fit snug.

I then cut the large block into 4 seperate stands.

Dimension of each was roughly 70mm x 7mm x 55mm

(You can of course change the dimensions to suit your needs)

Step 3: Lower the Front Corner

I decided the design would look a lot nicer if the frnt corner was lower then the rest of the base.

I measured down 15mm and cut it off level with a multi tool. you could do this with a hand saw but it will take longer.

Step 4: Spray Finnish

After sanding the blocks to 240 grit I sprayed 3 coats of gloss spray polyurethane. I also sanded between each coat to achieve a super smooth finnish.

Step 5: Attatching the Felt Baize Bottom

Then I cut a strip of red felt baize and sprayed it with spray adhesive. I then put the stands on top and aplied pressure to make sure it was evenly covered.

After 10 minutes I cut them apart and cut the felt baize flush with the base.

Step 6: Complete

Thats it. All finnished. It is a really quick and simple project to make, but I think it looks great all the same.

It would be easy to make multiles at a time too.

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    11 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This is beautiful - is there any chance I could commission a few from anyone out there?

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    I made some similar ones last year from some laburnum, I made an iPad one as well, but want to find a way to be able to
    plug them in as well. I like the way you've done it on the diamond. Nice work.

    2015 20:42.jpg
    3 replies

    Thanks. I like the style of yours, the end grain looks great :) I was planning on adding the USB cable. I would have cut off the bottom on the bandsaw. Routered a channel to make room for the cable and then drill a hole through the stand where the port would sit. I would then glue the base back on. I have found using the bandsaw to do this leaves a very clean edge and it is near impossible to see the join.

    It is the same technique you would use to make a band saw box. I would try it on a scrap piece first to see if it is how you want it to look and work. I hope it works out ok :)


    4 years ago

    This would be nice for an iPad if you increased the size a bit.

    1 reply

    Thanks. I agree there are many different ways to make this. I think the simple and easy project can sometimes be the most effective. I just wanted to play around with my new mitre saw haha.