Olympus G40 on New Way

Introduction: Olympus G40 on New Way

G40 Electronic flash for IS 3 DLX and IS 2 DLX -High powered flash GN 132 ISO 100 ft...very fine item! But only for two above cameras! A special formed hot shoe does not allowed to use them on other standard camera shoes!
I decide to rebuild this and here are steps which every can make easy. So, after that, any camera with standard hot shoe is suitable!  If you want it.

1.  Remove battery
2.  Unscrew hot shoe from bottom 4 screws
3.  Unplug small plug inside hot shoe.
4,  Carefully open (un-glue)  square Al back panel (thin knife ... razor !)
5.  Remove small steel clamp which hold two sides together (don't loose him)  
6.  Unscrew 4 side  screws on body bellow
7.  Locate two contacts ... shown on next photo . 
(save all parts safely- do not loose them!)

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Step 1: Test Contacts

After above mentioned 6.steps - you have this on table. It is not so scary...

Step 2: Contacts

You can see upper messing plate over a small silver pin. When you push plate on pin - flash fire.
Between this contacts is a DC 4.75V - when flash is fully charged.

Step 3: Wires

Use a flexible wires cca 10 cm - different color and weld each end- one on silver pin and other on messing plate so, that they not obstruct primary function of test button. Use a lowest point on pin and plate. Start to assemble back - reading 6 steps backwards. Hope that you still have all screws   . It is tricky to adjust small buttons back on proper place and all gently pressed together, but after about 20 times trying... again - I menage this.  

Step 4: Assembling Back

As mentioned before, after 20 times trying again-- it looks like this. And I tested it ... and it works. But, we still have a not usable hot shoe.

Step 5: New Hot Shoe

I found old not working flash from last century--- and there was a hot hoe connected with 2 small screws. Fine...So, left is "original" and right is ancient hot shoe.

Step 6: Cutting

Heartbreaking moment. I use saw. I cut off original hot shoe. Back... no more.

Step 7: Sad

Separate. For ever. OK. Let's go further!

Step 8: Closer Look

Now they are closer to each other. Use fret saw, fine adjust surfaces. Bore two small holes for fine screws. 

Step 9: Screws

Test and screw together... so you an see what shall look like.

Step 10: Closing

So far so good. Weld two wires on central and side hot shoe contacts. +4.75V must come on central pin! I hope that you still can find all 4 small original screws which belong to this shoe. Gently push wires inside so they are not pressed-and screw all back.

Step 11: Finnished

How do you like it now?

Step 12: Panel Controls

Do you remember instruction Nr. 4 --- you can see now this AL plate with all marks on back .This plate should be removed (not bend) and glued back..

Step 13: Mounted

Do you like me? Ha? Do you like me?

Step 14: Mounted

From behind.Very firmly.Solid. And now batteries and tests!
Please do note that G40 use is now ---- manual.
You can pre-adjust wide/tele.
You can pre choose all three power and multi flash sets...manually.

Step 15: Test

Overexposed. OK.

Step 16: Test...

Underexposed. OK.
Now it is time to You to take conclusions and play game.

Sincerelly yours

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is exactly what I need. Thanks very much. Good instructions.

    Phil B
    Phil B

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for a very informative Instructable.  Welcome to the site.  You do well in English.