Oman Numeral D6 Dice

A few months ago, a friend posted something on MyFace about artisan wood dice. I wanted to make some myself, but I was disappointed that they used a fancy CNC lathe with far more precision than my puny mortal hands. Still, I wanted to try and make SOMETHING, and there's nothing more tormenting than an itch you can't scratch.

-Since failure was very much an option, I just grabbed some unused wood from the shop. I forget what kinds they were exactly; I think there is white oak in there left over from another project, a misshapen piece of maple, a scrap of what looked like walnut, and some fir-looking stuff that used to be part of a bunk bed.
-I glued them all together at an odd angle to get some interesting shapes, and cut them into square blanks with a band saw and a Surform rasp.
-I hate sanding, so I only took them up to 600 grit.
-After giving it some thought, I chose to try burning the numbers instead of carving or kolrosing. (maybe next time) It could've come out better, but again, I didn't really expect these to work out.
-To finish it all off, I gave them a coat of antique oil.

Because I can't just make anything normal, I decided to use some whacky fantasy numerals. It's actually pretty simple; the number just corresponds to the number of marks, i.e. one mark is 1, two marks for 2, etc. And for an extra bit of utility, I added some scatter marks in the corners of two of them for use in Warhammer games; just scatter in the direction of the mark, while a dot indicates a direct hit.

Since they're completely handmade, I can't make any promises about any degree of true randomness. I guess I should make a dice tower sometime later.



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    4 years ago

    nice they came out beautiful