Ombre Polymer Clay Rose Earrings



Introduction: Ombre Polymer Clay Rose Earrings

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The first thing I ever made with polymer clay (successful) was a pair of rose studs. I loved them some much, even with all the mistakes I made. So now I wanted to try ombre roses.

* white polymer clay
* purple polymer clay (or color of your choice)
* rolling pin
* oven
* Exacto knife or craft knife
* earring stud findings

* Q - tip
* rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover
* pasta machine

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Step 1: Blend Till You Can't Blend Anymore

First you need to roll out two equal balls of white and whatever other color of clay. Now roll them each into fat triangles and place one thin end of the triangle almost to the fat side of the other clay. Flatten the roll and fold in half lenght wise. Be sure to only roll the clay the same way you fold it. If you have a pasta machine then this process would be easier and faster.

After most of the clay is mixed, roll it out flat and cut it in half length wise. Take one side and pull off a small piece of clay. If it needs to be mixed more now is the time to do so, to get rid of the marble effect. Roll it out into a ball and flatten it out.
When I work with polymer clay I use a ceramic tile. I find it easier to work on than a table top or on wax paper. Plus I can bake my clay pieces right on the tile.

Step 2: Roses Have Pedals

Depending on how you want the ombre to be, roll either the lightest color or darkest color circle on to its self. Like if you just rolled a tortilla into a burrito. I wanted the white in the middle so that's the one I rolled first. Then just add the next pedal on the seam of the one before it. And continue adding pedals all around the rose. Make sure you add your pedals in order from lightest to darkest like me, or from darkest to lightest.

When you are building your rose slightly squeeze the clay so that a stem forms. After you have finished making the rose trim off the stem and make sure the base is flat. Fix any pedals that may have been messed up in the process. To get rid of any fingerprints or debris, dip a q-tip in either rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover to remove the fingerprints.

Bake the roses according to your package instructions. I baked mine for 13 minutes at 250°F.

Step 3: And Your Done!

Now just glue your freshly made ombre roses to the studs and wear them!!!

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