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A little while back, I hand dyed some yarn (tutorial can be found here) and the whole while, my daughter asked me to make her a hat.

She would not let up. But I was having a hard time finding a pattern for a hat that was worked up how I envisioned this hat looking. I wanted the hat to start dark on the rim and trend towards the light colour and be topped with an large white pompom.

I tried to knit this hat. I tried so hard. The circular needles that I have are too long for a hat, and the magic loop just wasn't working for me.

I set it down and walked away, until I found a pattern that I was able to use to draw inspiration!

I finished the hat in a couple hours and we are both so happy with it!

Step 1: Pattern Notes

There are a few things to know when working this pattern:

- you're working in the round, which makes it nice, easy, and seemless.

- the fabric it makes is very dense, so check the fit after a couple rows of the pattern.

- if the chain fits around your head, the hat should too, feel free to adjust the number of chains as needed.

Step 2: Supplies

I used the following:

  • Yarn for the hat (1 skein). I doubled up Paton’s Classic Wool in Winter White that I hand dyed
  • Yarn for the pompom, I used Bernat Roving in Rice Paper
  • 9.00 mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle

Step 3: Pattern:


Chain 48, slip stitch to the first and join in the round.

* Note: ensure you haven't twisted your chain before joining.

Row 1

Single crochet in each stitch, around (48 st)

Row 2+

Single crochet in first stitch, chain, and skip a stitch. *Single crochet, chain, skip* until the hat reaches the right height – 17 rounds for me.


*Single crochet, chain, skip, single crochet, chain skip, single crochet 2 together, chain, skip* repeat until only 5 loops remain, then single crochet all together.

Step 4: Pom Pom

Make a pompom, and using the tails from the pompom and your tapestry needle, sew the pompom into the underside of the hat.

Step 5: Weave in the Ends and Stay Warm!

Use your tapestry needly to weave in the ends.

Wear your new hat and stay warm this winter!



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