Ombre Skull Face Paint

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Look beautiful from the inside out, and colorful from the bottom up...and down with this ombre skull!

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Step 1: Start With an Outline

First, I used White from Mehron Paradise to make an outline of a skull on my face.

Step 2: Add Color

From there, I started using Light Green and Lime from Mehron Paradise to blend in the top part of my skull outline.

Step 3: Continue

Then, I used Mauve from Mehron Paradise to fill in the bottom part of the skull outline.

Step 4: Outline in Purple

Then, I used a darker purple to add in the outlines, and details including shadowing and formation of the teeth. Then, I started to fill in the rest of the empty areas with black paint.

Step 5: Finish Off

Then, after filling in the blank areas, I used more black to add some definition to the purple outlines and drew in outlines on the teeth.

Step 6: Complete!

Finally, I capped it off with this Nicki Minaj inspired wig, and the look is complete!

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    Nice. This would be even more awesome if the paints were black light reactive.