Ombre Lips

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Be creative with your makeup and try out this ombre lip look.

you will need a nude lip pencil (kiko cosmetics no.700) and a darker color lip pencil, I'm using red/maroon color

nude color lipstick (mine is by jordana in color natural no.28)

nude color lip gloss (mine is by younique in color luxe)

A lip brush for blending

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Step 1: Outline..

prepare you lips by applying a moisturizing lip balm.

outline the natural shape of your lips using the darker color lip pencil and shade inwards to the center of the lips.

Step 2: Blending..

fill in the center of the lips using the nude color lip pencil. and apply the nude color lipstick using the lip brush on the center and press your lips together to blend the colors.

Step 3: Gloss..

Using the darker color lip pencil blend the harsh lines. and apply a nude color lip gloss on the center, when the lip gloss is applied on the center, it reflects light and gives a illusion of larger lips. Clean up around your lips using some concealer. And you are good to go!!

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