Omelette With What You Find in the Kitchen

Hello... This is my first instructable

Emmm well to make omelettes you basically need milk, eggs and cheese

You can add: jam, bacon , cream cheese, tomato, carrot, potato, meat.. Whatever, you can even make sweet omelettes but that will be another instructable.

Mix the eggs, pour some milk, mix again...
Put cooking oil in a pan (few), let it warm, then pour your mix of eggs and milk on the pan in a way it looks like a tortilla...
Wait a little so it cooks a little, add cheese vegetables, meat or what you want.
Fold the omelette in half, wait, flip, wait, serve! Easy!

Note:If you use 3 eggs you can make two or three omelettes.
Note 2: use meat that is already cooked, also some vegetables like the potato need to be cooked first, and others like the carrot don't need to but are better cooked.

Enjoy! n_n



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