On Board Li Ion Battery Charger.

Introduction: On Board Li Ion Battery Charger.

Here is how I added an on board li ion battery charger to my recently completed portable led floodlight.


This Cv cc converter is ideal for charging Lithium batteries and my floodlight is powered by a Lithium 9v battery which is actually a 2s arrangement.

Step 1: Modding the Converter.

The converter has leds for Cv and cc modes. I replaced them with an external dual color led. Green for Cv or battery full. Red for cc or charging.

Also I put a blocking diode On the output to prevent the battery from being drained while the floodlight is stored.

Step 2: Setting the Cv Cc Converter.

Using my Handy bench power supply I gave the Cv Cc converter a voltage of 20v and set the Cv to 8.3v and the cc to 0.38amp. In each mode you can see pics of the dual color led coming on.

Step 3: Adding a Power Supply.

Using a spare netbook AC power supply, I drill 2 holes and fed the dc cable through one. I put a. Plastic cable tie onto the cable to prevent it from being yanked out. The power supply I attached using double sided tape.

Step 4: Wiring in the Cv Cc Converter.

I soldered the netbook dc cable to the input terminals. The output via the diode I wired directly to the battery. This way I can charge the unit whether it is on or off.

Liquid tape I applied to avoid faults when I bundle everything into the enclosure.

I did a quick test and with the battery full, the dual color led is green.

Step 5: Stuffing It All In.

I used double sided tape to stick the two Cv Cc converters in place. With a piece of foam and the reflective backing, I sealed up the floodlight.

Step 6: Wiring in the AC Chord.

I didn't want to risk losing the chord so I soldered it permanently. I applied liquid tape for insulation after.

Step 7: Completion.

I used a velcro strap to hold the AC chord onto the yoke handle. Also I put an adjustable shoulder strap for ease of use. The last pic shows the internal battery being charged after I did a load test on the unit.

Now my portable dimmable led floodlight is complete with an internal li ion battery charger!

The internal battery can be fully recharged in 90 minutes.

I hope fellow hobbyists have found this instructable useful!

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