On the Go Basketball Hoop



Duct tape 2 7inx13in down the middle connect

Step 1:

Make a box splitting a duct tape strip in 3rds till you get four

Step 2:

Cut 3 cardboard strips that are 10in long And 1 1/2 in thick

Step 3:

Mark a line 1 1/4 from the end and beginning

Step 4:

Bend on that line

Step 5:

Line one up with the square bottom scoot it down 3 and 1/4 in then mark where it is with a line

Step 6:

My line

Step 7:

Now cut down beside it on both sides thickness of cardboard

Step 8:

My hole

Step 9:

Thin stick one in there up to the bend

Step 10:

It should look like this

Step 11:

Turn it over

Step 12:

Tape it

Step 13:

What mine looks like

Step 14:

Do the same thing on the opposite side

Step 15:

Now take the 3rd and make a cut going at the fold on both sides but not cutting it off then hook on both fold down and tape

Step 16:

(Optional) put a catcher on it

Step 17:

Step 18:

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