On the Top of the World : Dream Ride : World Highest Motorable Road 18000+ Ft.




Introduction: On the Top of the World : Dream Ride : World Highest Motorable Road 18000+ Ft.

Buckle up for the most precious trip of your life time. Stopover in
sapphire lakes, rusty terrains, peaceful outbacks and almost anywhere your heart wants to. This is not where your burdens will dare to follow you; this is where you dig out your fantasy and put it straight into reality. So, let the magic of marooned monastery, independence and soft breeze, swirl up your senses for the good. Read the details further for a better idea of the journey. This 9 Nights & 10 Days biking trip, is going to give you a chance to ride on some of the best Himalayan roads. The tour will start from sightseeing of Manali, a beautiful hill town on the banks of the Beas River. You are going to ride your bike on various high-altitude roads, including the Khardungla pass, the world’s highest motorable road 5606 m, above the sea level. Another major highlight of this tour is the Bara Lacha La (4830 m, 4-5 hours), also called the Switzerland of India.

Step 1: An Introduction to "Ladakh Road Trip" Itinerary




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Adjusting to the altitude:

Our bike trip of Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas starts in Leh at 3,500 meters, so it will be essential to take a couple of days to adjust to the altitude. After two nights in Leh, we'll move on to two nights in Alchi on the western Indus at around 3,000 meters. In our experience, everyone will have recovered from any mild altitude-related symptoms - headaches, dizziness or sleeplessness - by then. In the past five years, we haven't had any cases of true altitude sickness among any of the participants of the similar Zanskar & Ladakh bike trip.

Step 2: Items Required

Then started our planning to the mega trip. Purchasing stuff, confirming bikes, making cash ready and planning the routes. We purchased the following stuff. This could be helpful for any future riders...
1) Medicines:

· Diamox: For AMS ( acute mountain sickness)

· Okacet: For acidity

· DOLO 650: fever

· Dart : headache

· Brufin: body pain

· Combiflame: body pain and fever

· Avomin: stopping vomit feeling

· Eldopar: stomach upset

· Band aid

· Cotton

· Burnol: for burn wounds

· Vaselin lip guard

· Vicks

· Coldact: for nose running

· Bandage role

· Scissors

· Nilgiri Thaila: For keeping body warm

· General wound cream

2) General:

· Scissors

· Knife

· Lighter

· Torch

· Foot pump

· Tent sheet and sticks

· Jerry can

· Nylon rope

· Snickers

· Biscuits

· Extra tubes

· Puncture glue.

· Puncture sticker

· Clutch cables

· Engine oil

· Brake cables

· M seal

· Fevi quick (was of great use...Will come to know shortly)

· Boots

· Thermal inner wear

· Thermal jacket

· Back pack

· Gloves

· Toilet kit

· Rain coat

· Sleeping bag from decathlon

· GO pro chest mount camera for rent. 400 bucks per day. Pretty cheap.

3) Documents

· Passport original with 2 or 3 xerox copies

· DL original with 2 or 3 xerox copies

· PAN card original with 2 or 3 xerox copies

· Passport photos if required

Step 3: Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy bike rides on the tricky roads of Leh Ladakh
  • Relish sumptuous Ladakhi delicacies
  • Drive across Baralacha Pass, Rohtang Pass and Tanglang La
  • Visit Shey, Thiksey and other Leh monasteries
  • Explore Jispa, Sarchu and Pang villages
  • Shopping and sightseeing in Leh
  • World Highest Motorable Passes
    • 5.615 m | Kardungh La - Pass - the highest pass on Earth!

    • 5.390 m | Tanglang La - Pass- the second-highest

    • 5.360 m | Chan La - Pass - the third-highest

    • 5.300 m | Wari La - Pass

    • 5.050 m | Namshang La - Pass

    • 4.900 m | Konka La - Pass

    • 4.005 m | Fatu La - Pass - as high as the rest, but one of the most spectacular road passes in the world!

  • A day at Pangong Lake
  • World Highest Motorable Road
  • World Highest Cafe
  • World Second Coldest City : Drass

Step 4: Expedition Detail : Day 1 Delhi - Manali

On reaching Manali, check-in to the hotel and relax till afternoon. Have
your lunch and then leave for your motorbike ride. Go all the way riding on the Himalayan riding premier through the rough roads along the Kullu Valley. There are tricky bends and stretches on the road which will help you know the torque characteristics of the bike. Enjoy the ride to the beautiful Kullu Valley. Later, come back to the hotel and have a comfortable stay.

Step 5: Day 2 Manali - Jispa (150 KM)

Wake up early this morning and then leave for a day full of adventure.
So, you start the day with Rohtang Pass (3978 meters). This would really turn out to be a challenge as the roads you will bike through are really bad and the weather conditions are also uncertain. Further, you will get to face millions of people moving here and there to see the snow. Pass through the Lahaul Valley where there are mountains capped with snow all around. Enjoy mountain dinner of steamed momos and thukpa. Thukpa is a very famous traditional Himalayan soup which is made by mixing meat and vegetables.

Step 6: Day 3 Jispa - Pang (150KM)

Today, you will be leaving for the next destination, Pang. When you
leave from Jispa, you will enter the Greater Himalayan landscape. While you are on this route, you will see that the mountains are bigger on this part of the highway. Enjoy the view and later cross the Baralachha Pass (5000 meters). From there, head towards Sarchu which forms the border line between Kashmir and Himachal. From there, reach the Pang camp. Pang is a place where you will witness a mix of different natural formations which are seen through the roads and sand. Relax for the rest of day and keep it high on fluids.

Step 7: Day 4 Pang to Leh (150KM)

The 4th day comes with a lot of challenges as you will have to bike
through flatlands and get into the mountain-range-horizon. Cross the Tanglang-La Pass which is the second-highest motorable mountain pass in the world at the height of 5300 meters. After crossing this pass, you will have to bike through well-maintained roads all the way to Leh. En-route you will get to see the monasteries of Thiksey and Shey which are set on the top of a hill. Check-in at the hotel in the borders of Changspa. Spend evening chilling out at the place. Explore the culture and geography of Ladakh in the next few days.

Step 8: Day 5 Leh

Spend the whole day sightseeing at Leh. With a mixed population of Muslim and Buddhist, the place houses a large Masjid and a Tibetan Gompa. There are many eating joints at the central street which serve a wide variety of cuisines. This day, explore Leh on foot and visit the Old Fort which looks over the city. Spend the evening at any of the garden restaurants which are popular in this place.

Step 9: Day 6: Leh - Pangong Tso (170KM)

Pay a visit to the Pangong Lake which is the largest brackish water lake
in Asia. The 2/3rd portion of the lake lies in China. After this visit, you will cross the Chang La (5500 meters) and go forward to an army checkpoint at Tangse. Have a comfortable stay at night in the resort.

Step 10: Day 7 : Pangong - Leh (170KM)

Have your breakfast early in the morning and get ready to head towards
Leh. This will be the last day at Leh, so explore Leh the whole day. Shop at bazaars and visit the Shanti Stupa which is a Buddhist white-dome huge structure which overlooks Changspa. Enjoy a great view of the Indus Valley and the Zanskar range and go colder to nature.

Step 11: Day 8 Leh – Sarchu (ride 220 Km)

This day, you will get back to the biking track through which you
reached Leh. En-route, you will see Pang and ride through to reach Sarchu. Sarchu lies in the middle of the two beautiful destinations, Manali and Leh. Have a comfortable stay at night in the camp.

Step 12: Day 9: Sarchu – Manali (ride 250 Km)

In the morning, drive through the Sarchu plain and reach the Baralaccha
plain till noon. Enjoy a smooth ride up the Lahaul ranges and reach Rohtang pass. Rohtang pass will come with a number of challenges with mini-rivers of mud. Have a comfortable stay at the hotel in Manali.

Step 13: Day 10: Manali to Delhi (550 KM)

This is the last day of the adventurous bike tour. Board the bus and leave for New Delhi to carry on the onward journey.

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