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Introduction: Once and for All Blanket/Bedspread

Cozy and comfy are what I want in the cold of winter. Form follows function. I needed blankets and a bedspread covering. Voilå! I had an epiphany to create a combo to be constructed from two layers of different fabric sewn together with an upside and a downside.

Not having a sewing machine, the immensity of  this project to fit a double bed seemed daunting. The opportunity to sew exactly what I wanted got my juices flowing. I overcame the challenge. I chose fleece for the underside and a mandala design on a jersey fabric for the upside.

The mandala fabric was so exciting I opted to make four blanket/bedspreads. The fabric widths were 60” wide so they could be joined as one unit eliminating the need for cutting. The idea was two lengthen and widen the coverings with fleece stripes of coordinating colors afterwards.

Step 1: How I Did It

Visit the fabric shop and explore all the possibilities. I chose fleece for the underside and a jersey fabric for the top side. The length of each covering began at 96” X 60” wide.

Step 2: Threads of Different Color

Have enough matching thread for your project.

Step 3: Pinning Fabric in Place

Use straight pins. The wrong side of the fabrics will be the insides as you pin. Tuck the edges in at least 3/8" as you pin it together. There will be no need to turn this inside out afterwards.

Step 4: Blanket Stitch

The blanket stitch makes an even edge. Insert the needle and thread front to back and back to front moving in the direction you are sewing. As you bring the needle halfway through the fabric coming forward  (with the needle facing) you circle the thread around the needle. Hold that circle of thread with your fingers in place. Pull the needle up through this. The stitch will end up forming a straight line on the sides of the joined fabrics.

Step 5: Stripes: Adding Length & Width

Cut enough additional fleece strips to lengthen and widen the blanket/bedspread. I purchased color coordinated fleece as a design feature.

Step 6: Back Stitch the Striped Fleece

Pin and sew the stripe pieces together using the back stitch.

Step 7: Wash Blanket/Bedspread

Hand wash or clean your sewn blanket/bedspread.

Step 8: Cat Nap

Sweet Dreams.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! Half the time to make your bed. Looks easy to make.