One Button --- a Cyber Gramophone




About: Make Your Love !

This box is a gramophone which holds two features. Firstly, record your voice and play it when the button is pressed. Secondly, type your words in our app through mobile phone and read it when the button is pressed. Yes, One Button is a useful tool helping you express romantic words at right time and play a joke when someone pass by. 


Step 1: Build the Outline With Seeed Modules

All you need is a Seeeduino, a buletooth bee, a microphone, an arcade game push button, a speaker, a piece of speech synthesis module (syn6658), a piece of RGB LED strip, and a  12V power adapter.

Step 2: Develop an App Running on Android for Typing Your Words Remotely

Step 3: Give It a Box Through 3D Printing

Step 4: Put All Parts Into the Box and Fold It



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    If you're not joking then here's my instructable for building an ipod controlled mars rover. 1) build a mars rover. 2) attach an arduino to the servos and communications array. Give the Rover to NASA 3) Write an internet app for the ipod to send commands to the rover. 4) hack into NASA communications and put in your own routine for getting instructions from your Ipod internet app. and transmitting them to the rover 5) When NASA sends the rover to Mars, take over control with your iPod.

    Seems Legit- right?