One Button Fish Feeder




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The goal of this Instructable is to create a fish feeder that will feed your fish with the push of a button.
The benefits of this are that you don't get your hand oils over the fish food, and it's super easy to push a single button every morning.


Step 1: Gather Materials

1 - Littlebits pushbutton
1 - Littlebits timeout
1 - Littlebits DC motor
1 - Littlebits motor mate
3 - *optional* Littlebits wires
1 - Littlebits power and cable
1 - 9v battery
1 - Round cardboard tube or round metal object (soda can).
In this Instructable an oatmeal container is being used
1 - piece of tin foil
1 - X-Acto knife or box cutter

Step 2: Cut Tube

Measure approximately 2 inches deep from the lid edge. Cut with knife around the circumference (around the circle).

Step 3: Cut Center Hole

This is the hole that the Littlebits DC motor will be mounted in.
*Note* don't cut the hole too big. Make sure to measure first.

Step 4: Mount Motor Mate and Motor

Put the Littlebits Motor mate through the hole you just cut. If it's too small, cut the hole a little bigger, but smaller is better than bigger.
Mount the Littlebits DC motor to the Motor mate.

Step 5: Cut Scooper

Cut a 1/4" by 1/4" 'T' in the side of the feeder. Push the long sides of the T up inside the feeder, this forms the fish food scooper.
See picture.

Step 6: Feed Feeder and Cover

Put about two weeks worth of fish food inside your Littlebits One Button Fish Feeder.
*Note* don't put too much in.
Cover the open end in plastic wrap or tin foil.
Wrap rubber band around tube to stop food from spilling out.

Step 7: Assemble Littlebits

In order:
Battery to Blue power bit
*optional* two Orange wire bits connected in line
Pink push button
Pink timeout (adjust timer so motor completes one full rotation, about 1.25 turns for me)
*optional* Orange wire
Green DC motor

Step 8: Feed Your Fish!

Now you can feed your fish with the touch of a Littlebits button! Bask in all your efficient glory! Show off to your friends and family just how creative and brilliant you are. You just made something that does something.



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