One Food Life Hack You Need to Know for Your Kitchen




Introduction: One Food Life Hack You Need to Know for Your Kitchen

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One more food life hack you need to know!

Simple life hack to keep lemon or cucumber fresh a little longer using toothpicks.

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Step 1: Watch the Video :)

I always use this amazing lifehack in my kitchen.

Or watch this video here

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Step 2: After Cutting a Slice of Lemon

Step 3: Use a Toothpick for Keep Fresh a Little Longer

Step 4: Or Also After Cutting a Slice of Cucumber

Step 5: Use a Toothpick



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    13 Discussions

    Could you please post your tips as well, typed out I mean? I & many people I know usually don't watch the videos. It'd be nice to have both options :-)

    1 reply

    same here. not enough data on my internet plan for videos

    Probably bc you weren't as high as he was ;)

    it is supposed to keep the sliced cucumber fresh

    Oh my gaud, I have been doing this for years but never thought to share it here. I am so happy you did. Great instructable.

    With Cucumbers, I just keep it in the fridge and cut off a really thin piece of the cut end (the dried up area) and its pretty much fresh behind that. This works for days after you've already cut off some.

    I simply Registered here, after seeing the Egg hack lol.. So good it is and for bachelors its like a boon.

    This is one cool hack, have to tell my mum.. she gonna love it. Thanks for sharing