One Man Clay Pigeon Thrower




Introduction: One Man Clay Pigeon Thrower

remote control pull switch

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Step 1: Parts

1. wally world clay pigeon thrower
2. leftover cooler from a party
3. 12v battery
4. InstallGear Universal Car Power Door Lock Actuator 12-Volt Motor (2 Pack)
5. Rupse Keyless Car Central Locking Keyless Entry System Motor Central Lock
6. old lawnmower wheels, pvc, steel rod for dragging that thing
7. ratchet straps to keep lid on
8. tent spike and 2 hole pipe clip (to keep tail end of cooler from spinning)
9. 2×4 or pallet cross support

Step 2: Pretty Simple

1. Attach 2×4 to clay pigeon thrower on cooler and drill through cooler top.
2. Attach door lock actuator to thrower so trigger mechanism will work. I had to use some wire to attach to allow it to be cut if there is a mechanism failure.
3. Attach Keyless Entry System to bottom of cooler lid. and wire it up. you can find instructions on YouTube.

Step 3: Testing

1. Lids needs to be attached to cooler. I tried screws but those are a pain to get out if there is a problem with battery. I used ratchet straps because a they are readily available and I had some in the back of my truck.
2. Attach pipe clip to back of cooler and use tent spike to prevent cooler from spinning when arm swings.
3. The hardest part is getting trigger mechanism to work consistently, but once I used some wire to fine tune it everything worked.

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    Nice. That way to you can enjoy clay pigeon shooting without the need for a dedicated assistant.