One Minute Engine Rebuild

Introduction: One Minute Engine Rebuild

This is a Isuzu Rodeo 4 cylinder engine rebuild video. It's a fast a furius video demonstration in one minute.



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    Thank god we have methamphetamine in the car shops!

    you want to come and rebuild mine then? just blow the head gasket in Monday lol as you have to travel i will give you 3 minute's lol

    DAMMIT CHAPPY!! you with your F*ckin flux capacitors... Where do you get them... i can never find the correct ones that allow me travel through time... They always rip the time-space continuum and thats not good. i always have some thread on me when im lookin forward to time travel.

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    I'm curious as to why the engine was in the car during the rebuild? Is that the way it's done now? I haven't rebuilt a motor in 30 years.

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    No, this was a complete engine rebuild. I had to remove the pan, crank, and connecting rods obviously to get the pistons out.

    Okay thanks. I'm not trying to question the approach or beat this to death. I'm trying to learn. Back when real cars had V-8 engines, you simply disconnected all the wires, hoses, and linkages, disconnected two bolts at the rear of the transmission, two engine mounts to the frame, and lifted the engine and transmission out in one piece. When you knew what you were doing, it took about an hour to pull it out and then you could work on it without bending over or crawling underneath. What's different today that makes it harder? I'm guessing the transaxle front wheel drive would be the issue.

    Yes, back in the day old cars were alot easier to work on. I have a 69 charger that I restored from the ground up. I did the engine work on a stand. Engine compartments were much bigger back then and engines were installed inline. Inline meaning the transmission could be removed with the engine with very little effort usually. This engine is transverse mounted which means if you want to take it out, you have to remove both half shafts which requires unhinging both ball joints, tampering with the brake system...not to mention tampering with the transmission...and I didn't want to open those cans of worms.

    Oh wow...I got this video mixed up with my other one. Your is an inline four cylinder. Ooops! The reason I did the job in-car more than anything was for the video. I wanted to leave the camera locked down and show the whole job from one perspective. I've found that audiences seem to enjoy the videos more this way than when I move the camera all over the place which is what would have been the case if I did the engine rebuild on a stand.'s been over a year since I did the video. LOL Thanks for calling me on this. ChappyShowcase

    I did the in-car rebuild because it was easier that way. This is the way engines are rebuilt nowadays. It was a complete engine rebuild. I just cut out the bottom work because I could'nt get a camera down there.

    one question. last i knew a "complete rebuild" included bottom end machine work to true the holes i dont believe that they have an in car milling machine. If you do have an in car milling machine how do you properly clean it to put it back together.

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    Well "complete rebuild" can be labeled as different things. You only machine a block when it's necessary. This block had very little wear, crank and cams looked good. Also, I was on a very tight budget. All that stuff can make it so exspensive, you might as well go out and buy a new engine. I did take the head to a machine shop. I had the head magnafluxed, cleaned, resurfaced, valves grinded, new seats installed, new guides installed, new valve seals installed. On the engine I honed the engine block, installed new crank and rod bearings,and replaced the pistons before the video even begins. It's a rebuild. Thanks for the comment.

    yea caus how do u conect the conrods to the shaft and piston when the engine in is the car its a bit hard since the crossbar would be in th way?

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    I had to remove the crossmember. It is more work, but can be done and is done all the time by automotive professionals.