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Holding hands is a pleasant way to warm up the hands, but sometimes it's just too cold! Pull out these mittens, and s/he'll be smitten.
A great exuse to hold hands.
Theres even a secret pouch inside to put in a handwarmer, a picture, or.... (; 
EDIT: Thanks for the feature!

What You'll Need:
1 yard of warm fleece
1 yard of cozy flannel
1 yard of a different flannel (you can use the same print if you want.)
Sewing machine

Optional: Scrap fabrics, iron on stickers, ribbons... etc.

This is my first instructable. Skip to step seven if you want to see why you should make this. Critique would be wonderful, so comment nicely, rate high, and vote a lot please! Haha(:

Step 1: Snip, Snip!

*When cutting the fabric I wouldn't cut all three at a time or else they might slide around and it'll be harder to sew. Measurements are below on the picture.

*Cut all three fabrics, and cut them the same size.
*If you have bigger hands you might want to extend the purple line an inch or so. The measurements aren't necessary, you can just make your own pattern that fits your hands but make sure the fit is roomy.

*The seam allowance for my pattern is 1/4 inch.

Step 2: Pocket Time!

*Use a scrap piece of the fleece and cut it 5x6 in. Before sewing the pocket to fleece, make sure that the 6 inch side is closest to the 'V' shaped cut out. (see first picture)

*Stitch all four sides to the fleece.

*Flip the fleece over
and just the first layer of the pocket closest to the "V" (see second picture)
Viola! A pocket in rocket time!   

Step 3: Embellishing Fun...

*You can omit this step

*I used scrap fabrics to cut out different shapes and sewed them on! Check out the pictures below!

*Be creative! You can use beads, ribbons, iron on embellishments, rhinestones... etc.

*A cute idea could be you and your sweeties' initials on either side. I made mine with a girly side and a guyish side.

Step 4: Put 'em Together

*Place the fabrics as shown in the first picture. Wrong side of fleece on top (the side without the pocket hole.) Sandwiched in the middle should be the wrong side flannel print 2. On the bottom should be flannel print one right side up. This step is crucial. I cannot stress it enough.

*The stack them on each other and sew along the black line as shown in the second picture.

*After sewing flip the mitten inside out! When flipping inside out make sure that the two flannel pieces end up on the outside.

*That is the hardest part. Buy something nice for yourself! You can see I messed up at first. The seam ripper is my best friend(:

Step 5: Cut Some More....

*Sew the inner "V" together with a decorative stitch.

*At this point I encountered a serious dilemma. The wrist holes were seriously too small! So I cut diagonal lines along the wrist holes as shown in the first picture.

*Cut the diagonal lines to size your wrist. Mine were perfect after I cut them. See picture two!

*Dilemma solved. Phew.

Step 6: Finishing Touches...

*Sew the fleece and flannel print one together at the opening of the wrist. (see first picture)

*Sew the edge of flannel print two (see second picture)

*Hopefully when you look into your mitten you can see the "secret pocket" (see picture two)

Step 7: One Last Thing...

*You can wear this with the edges folded if you don't like the edges showing. (see picture two)

*Wear this the next time you and your significant other go ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, walking in the park... etc.

*This is great for pictures and makes a great gift. Have fun!
Thanks for reading!!



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    18 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    These are so cute, I've seen them in my crafting class that our teacher showed us! Question though, wouldn't you need two pieces of fleece on both side inside the smitten?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, funny instructables! Nicelly done for your first one.

    btw, welcome to this wonderful world!

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Awwwwww..... You know your man loves you if he is man enough to use this out in public.  Do you have this in a steelplate grid pattern or something?

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sure there is a camoflage fleece out there somewhere. :)

    Also for the men, it has to come with a pocketknife.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    THIS is the ultimate manliness test.

    If you can go out with your loved one with this, you sahlt not fear anything anymore about the sureness of being a man.

    Great instructable my friend, now I will have to build up the bravery to make it and USE it :)

    1 reply