One Night Stand Hope Chest or DATE NIGHT!

Introduction: One Night Stand Hope Chest or DATE NIGHT!

This is my first instructable and I am going to submit several tonight so please be kind. :)
You need an empty Altoids container, a travel size toothbrush or in this 'ible I have used a gum cleaner, a disposable razor head, 2 or more q tips, 2 wet wipes, 2 pieces of saran wrap, several Altoids, a floss pick, a hair band preferably a non slip grip type that is large enough to go around the closed Altoids container, and of course a condom and lubricant. ;) I actually do not have a condom or lubricant so I substituted a couple of things that had the same basic bulk. Condoms vary obviously but any should be able to fit in here with a few minor adjustments. As far as lubricant goes it should be water based and recommended for use with condoms as some can actually break condoms down by reacting with the latex, the lubricant is also completely optional.

Step 1: Wrapping and Assembly

Fold the wet wipes so that they will fit easily into the bottom of the Altoids container. Wrap in saran wrap folding the ends in so that it is secure. Squeeze to seal the saran wrap, don't worry if the wet wipes do not have a complete seal, they are not wet enough to ruin everything inside generally and can be brought back to original condition with just a little water.
Take the Altoids, I used 5 and stack them like coins, roll them in the cling wrap tightly rolling the ends tight until it starts to coil in on itself. Clip excess leaving a small amt at the ends.  Altoids can be used to substitute for toothpaste simply crush one with the bottom of the altoids can or place them in the lid and crush them in there. You can wet your toothbrush, if you find one small enough to fit inside the kit, or wet the gum brush and dab it in the crushed Altoids to work as a makeshift toothpaste. Or rifle through your dates stuff till you find the toothpaste. :)
Keep your razor head in its original packaging use something you are familiar with that will fit easily inside the mints container. For use the typical handle is too big to fit inside the altoids container. This is what the q tips are for. The razor I put in my kit fits three cotton swabs where the handle would normally go. It is stiff enough to shave with if you missed a spot etc. I would not recommend a hasty shave all over but a spot or two missed is easy enough to mend. I would practice with this method before being in a situation where haste may be desired.
Place the wipes in the bottom pushing down to a snug fit. Then place the cotton swabs stacked up against the back wall. The lube and condom go in next, you want to protect the condom as much as possible from heat and friction so placing it on a cushion of wipes between the rest of the items and them should provide enough protection. The razor head goes to one side, then the flosser and mints go on top last. Finally close and secure with your hair band which may come in handy for your hair.

You should use common sense and when that fails speak to a pharmacist or something about proper storage of condoms. They should never be stored in your wallet because of heat and for that same reason you should not make this kit and then toss it in the glove box of your car. 

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