One-Piece Dice Tower for Tabletop Gaming




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Want to add some fair flair to your next game night? Time to make
yourself a dice tower! Dice towers are a great addition to any game night for use with simple games like Yahtzee or Monopoly to more in depth tabletop games like D&D. Not only do they look nice, they also take away any possibility of cheating dice rolls since the tower rolls the dice for you. Just drop in the die and let gravity do the rest!

This tower build was improvised to work with a wood block that seemed too small to make a standard dice tower out of. We ended up redesigning it to work with the block by making a mirrored cut which we glue together to achieve a good proportion. This design incorporates a tray to catch the dice resulting in a one-piece finish.

Find our dice tower file here:

CNC Machine used for project:

Bandsaw for final cuts (This could be done with all CNC too)

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Step 1: Video

Checkout other CNC projects @:

Step 2: What Was Needed:

Wood Glue

Wood (We used walnut)

Clamps for CNC Milling

Step 3: Finishing Steps

Cut the two halves with the included file on your CNC

Saw off the body from the stock

Glue the halves together and clamp till dry

Remove any excess glue and apply a finish to the wood (optional)


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2 years ago

Looks beautiful, but this is more advertisement than instructable.


2 years ago

Looks great but the instructive could do with some better instructions


2 years ago

nicely done I just made a dice case with a tower in the lid out is probably give this a shot